No Stage Fright Performance Anxiety
Got Stage Fright?
How About Performance Anxiety?

Wanna Get Rid of It?

If you play guitar or if you are going to be giving a speech, playing any instrument
or doing ANY
public speaking, singing, or performing for any reason

I will help you (and practically make you) Eliminate, Overcome, Beat, and Get Rid of All of YOUR
Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety / Fear of Public Speaking, Giving a Speech, Singing, or Playing Your Guitar, Piano,  Keyboard, Bass, Drums, or other Instrument In Front of Other People.

As long as you can read an 'Unusual' but  short book that is EASY TO READ and EASY TO UNDERSTAND
and then take 33 minutes to listen to a CD at night as you go to sleep.
if you are a musician or any kind of recording artist, I will even help you get rid of your recording fright or red light syndrome.
So that you can walk into any room leap up on stage and

With The  Confidence of a

Or step into a recording studio and record  yourself  filming, speaking, singing or playing music without freezing up.

You will do it because


Once You Do This YOU Will
Go Further In Your Public Speaking / Performance Skills Than You've Ever Gone Before

It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert...

or if you are a "regular person" who has to give a speech
or if you are an

Business Executive or C.E.O
Sales Executive
Guitar Player
Keyboard / Piano Player
Bass Player
Karaoke Host
Actor / Actress
Author Motivational Speaker
Attorney / Lawyer
Introvert / Shy person Who Needs Help Speaking in Public

... it does not matter if you dance, play guitar, piano / keyboards, bass or drums or any other instrument... It does not matter if you play rock and roll, country music, jazz, classical, blue grass, hip hop, blues, easy listening or if you are in Broadway productions, community theater or
or if you are just someone who is afraid to speak in public. 


PLUS I have a program specifically FOR YOU!

How Would You Like To Instantly “Flip a Switch”
Flip off
Stage Fright

Feelings of Nervousness, Paralyzing Feelings of Fear, Pressure, Anxiety, Self Doubt, Over Analyzing, & Making a Mistake and 'Having To Be Perfect' That Results in You Having Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety and “choking” on Stage
And Instead

Switch On
Self Confidence, Focus, Certainty, Calmness, Power
So That You  Can  Eliminate All of Your Fears And Get Up on Stage And
Speak or Perform
The Way That You Do In Your DREAMS!
If this interests you
I Have The Quick and Easy Solution That YOU Need!

It does not matter if you get a mild case of jitters and nerves before and during a gig or or if you are so nervous that you feel like your are gonna get thrown out of an airplane...

I will take away all of your stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can get up on a stage and speak or perform as well (or better) as you do when you practice.

It Works Almost INSTANTLY!
(YES Even for YOU!)
(And IF I'm wrong you get to hear it for FREE)

If stage fright / performance anxiety  is holding you back from achieving your dreams as a public speaker, musician, guitar player, singer, comedian, actor, dancer, presenter, business person or performer of any kind). This will be the most important letter that you ever read.

Here is why

Let me start by saying this: Most people  are living their FEARS instead of living their DREAMS.
If that's you, I can help.

Every performer or public speaker, comic or musician knows that there is no substitute for practice

Even if your DREAMS came true and all of your entertainer heroes came to LIVE with you. All of your time spent rehearsing with them won't amount to squat if you are being held back by the inhibiting feelings of anxiety / Stage Fright.

In the event you  didn't know,  Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety are the exact same thing emotionally.

You see, when a performer  (I'll use this term generically for anyone who speaks or performs or gives any form or performance or presentation) suffers from stage fright, all of the chemicals released in your brain and body from anxiety act like a giant dam and block you from getting in tune with that magic part of your brain and your heart and soul that holds all of your creativity, confidence, memory and muscle memory from countless hours of practice.

Why I Can Help Even YOU
Get Rid of Stage Fright

I'm the guy who can help you because  I am a professional entertainer and I used to have a major  problem with Stage Fright.

But not anymore. I have overcome Stage Fight / Performance Anxiety in a major way.  Prior to discovering these amazing techniques, my level of pre-show and on-stage anxiety was “off the charts” at times it was even paralyzing  but these days its the exact opposite because I have learned how to  emotionally "flip a switch" and turn  nervous energy  and anxiety into ROCKET FUEL!

Ever since I figured out how to do this,  the night before a show, I sleep like a baby. I wake up excited and motivated. Then throughout the day  I am confidently calm, happy and excited. If I have other responsibilities I can stay focused on them without having any fearful or anxious thoughts entering my head.  Then once I get to the gig and I'm back stage I'm mentally calm but excited and I'm in a great mood and I can't wait for the curtain to open. 

Then right before I go up on stage I use the special techniques that you will learn from me and I  emotionally “flip a switch” and  I emotionally step into a super man suit where I have no fear, no doubt, no hesitation that I can fly.    I know that if I  leap  the net will appear....

when I step up  on stage


I am in charge, not the audience, not anyone else.

When I step on stage, I  step into a DREAM. 

But  I know that most speakers or performers  step into a NIGHTMARE.

This is why if you came here  really looking to get rid of your stage fright / performance anxiety

I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.

I don't really expect you to believe  me just yet. That's why before you decide to purchase  this  program I want you to read a bit about me.     But don't do that just  yet  go ahead and read the rest of this letter then come back and click this link right here to find out why I'm the  best  stage fright performance anxiety coach

You will have to  spend a few minutes actually reading  about me and the information here to see how this  program will help you overcome your  stage fright problem.  It will be well worth your time.

But if reading hurts your brain just go ahead and order my CD and book program right now and get started.

Are you still with me?

Go ahead and  take a long slow deep breath and get FOCUSED and relax because you are about to learn a secret to overcoming stage fright / performance anxiety from a real performer and not just someone who teaches it.

Who Else Wants To Get On Stage and
Have The Confidence of a Lion Tamer?

It does not matter if you are  looking for help overcoming  stage fright / performance anxiety because you are going to give a speech,  sales presentation, seminar, lecture, or  if you are  a stand up comedian, DJ, musician, singer, guitar, piano player, dancer, actor, teacher, going to an audition, or just giving a toast at a wedding.

Stage Fright aka  performance anxiety is all emotionally the same.

Successfully Getting Over Stage Fright Is The Same Too.

I know this because

during my quest to get rid of stage fright, I spoke with several famous performers such as James Brown,  Ronnie James Dio, and all of the members of Y & T, ACDC and  several famous DJs and actors.  I also spoke with Jay Leno (before he was as famous as he is currently)  They gave me good advice but  it only helped a bit.  Then  I
I wasted tons of time and money on books and courses on how to beat or get rid of stage fright. I even hired an acting coach and a comedy coach. 

Again they only helped a bit.   

But I kept on searching and then  I discovered  several techniques that are common for professional athletes who need to get focused for a game and applied it to my live performances. They worked like magic and I figured out how to overcome my own  stage fright by switching the nervous pre-show anxiety and energy  into  excitement   so that it  supports me instead of holds me back.

Then I started helping other people most of who either found  their way to me because they came to one of my comedy hypnosis shows or  they were other professional entertainers,  who were performing in  the same show room, theater or  hotel casino as me and they would  ask if hypnosis would help them overcome their stage fright.

Many musicians also had recording fright / studio fright / red light syndrome as well (this is where a musician  tenses up or freezes up or starts making stupid mistakes the moment they know that they are being recorded even though they have thoroughly prepared) Both are  due to performance anxiety and both are “treated” or  eliminated using the same techniques that I used for myself.  (For the record, I did not have  any  anxiety associated with recording. All of mine was  pre-show and on stage)

Why Most of The How To Overcome Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety Programs Don't Work

Its important for you to know that
most of the information on the internet about beating stage fright  or overcoming stage fright or performance anxiety is inaccurate and ineffective.

The reason is that  most of the people who are on-line giving how to beat stage fright / performance anxiety advice, are not performers.  They are psychologists or “motivational speakers” or English / speech teachers of some sort who think that they can help you beat stage fright / overcome performance anxiety by giving you practical logical advice at the conscious level, such as  “ take  some deep breaths”  “ practice” “come prepared”  “visualize yourself  speaking successfully.”

While these are good tips for preparing for any sort of speech or performance. They are not the solution.
Those are the kind of  tips that may help you reduce your  fear and anxiety about  public speaking or performing  on a stage  but they do  not  teach you how to automatically   “flip the switch” and  "flip off"  your emotional and irrational fear of performing, fear of making a mistake, screwing up and being judged or humiliated in front of  a group of people.  They might help you dim this problem a bit,  just like  lowering the lights with a dimmer switch.
But they won't teach you how to  "FLIP  this switch" the way that I will. 

My guess is that they just don't know how to.

But me? I  show you how to  FLIP THIS SWITCH and shut off the flow of negative thoughts and feelings just  like  flipping off the  main power switch that's sending some bad electricity  to your house.  Then  I show you how to  flip ON another  switch that is like sending   new power from a good source. A source that empowers and motivates you,  so that you are supercharged with 


So that you  feel like  Superman up on stage (instead of Clark Kent)

Get it?

Now  before you buy my program I want you to understand a few more things:

Your self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to focus and relax will have a large effect on your learning, creating and performing.

Self-confidence is the energy source of your personality. Your level of self confidence precedes and predicts your behavior and how you interact with other people, entertainers and musicians ( if applicable)  and your audience. It determines your levels of creativity, enthusiasm and personal magnetism and charisma.

Performers with high self-esteem are more positive, more likable and more effective with their subject matter or music and every part of their lives. Your self confidence will effect how you, “talk” through your instrument or to your audience and how you speak, present, perform and move on stage.. That’s why it is critical to keep your self confidence high and positive on a continuing basis in every area of your life. Especially ON STAGE.

You've probably already know from experience that when you have Stage Fright and there is nervousness, fear and anxiety running through your veins, even though you've practiced and you know your parts or what you are going to say, you automatically tighten up, freeze up mentally and emotionally and you perform horribly.

But when your mind is calm, confident, focused, clear and FREE of nervousness, that's when
you speak or perform  with great feeling and heart and soul from that spiritual place where there is no mental chatter and everything flows beautifully. This is how all the great speakers, or performers  do it night after night.
Its confidence and focus that got them to keep improving their speaking, singing  or performing skills. Its their confidence and focus that allowed them to get up on stage and still tap into the super creative part of their brain and got that magic to flow.  Its FOCUS that kept them from being distracted.

Its a combination of both that allowed them to be confidently calm, block out distractions and eliminate all the anxiety and nervousness that causes stage fright / performance anxiety.

That's why If you want to speak or perform dynamically onstage... 

YOU need to have your BRAIN on your side.
Once You Train Yourself To Do This Automatically

It does not matter where you are in your life right now or in your speaking, singing, comedy, sales, presentation or performing  skills. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, child or an adult. It does not matter if you have just been dreaming about speaking or performing in front of people but you are too scared or if you are a pro, because having very high levels of self-confidence and focus will help you get what you want out of life both on and off stage.

So If you have stage fright,  and you wanna get rid of it...Here's how you fix it.

First of all,

Booze will not make it go away, neither will smoking or taking medications. ( legal or illegal) Neither will overdosing on practicing or rehearsing. If this were true, you'd never hear stories about seasoned musicians or actors who have stage fright or performance anxiety.

Fortunately there is a solution which is
Quick, Easy and Safe
“How To Eliminate Your Stage Fright"
is a series of books and CDs which are customized to your situation.
So if your fear is making a speech, I have a book and CD for you that is specific to  stage fright as it pertains to speaking in front of a group of people.

If you sing, act, play any sort of musical instrument or you are a comedian or DJ, I have programs that are also customized to your unique situation. 

Regardless of your situation.

My system works like magic and its not as weird as you might think.

This is Real HYPNOSIS
And All You Do Is Listen

Before I explain how it all works, I first want you to see what this new amazing program will do for you and how it will  make you overcome your stage fright.

Here is what it will do for YOU!

You will automatically flip off anxiety & fear  that is causing you stage fright / performance anxiety and switch on confidence and focus!

You will eliminate all the stage fright that has been holding you back!

You will FEEL, look, behave, SPEAK and perform CONFIDENTLY and make stage performance decisions from a place of total self confidence!

When you even, think of yourself as a speaker or performer you will think confident, positive thoughts.

You will flip off anxiety & fear and switch on confidence and focus.

You will speak or perform magically with confidence, and feeling with your heart body and soul.

Before and during a speech or performance you will always feel confident in your ability to speak or perform  at your best.

You will speak and perform confidently and masterfully.

You will automatically tap into that magical place deep within you that speaks, performs or plays magically.

You will speak, sing or perform with great confidence.

You will feel that special connection with your audience.

Whenever you are in a studio or being recorded you will remain relaxed and confident and you will perform or play wonderfully and smoothly with minimal or even zero mistakes.

Your creative juices will flow and creative ideas will just flow to you.

You  will "just know," how to move on stage automatically.

You will be motivated and inspired to practice and perform more because you will enjoy every aspect of being on stage. 

You will TAKE CONTROL  of yourself as a public speaker, singer, performer, musician, entertainer etc and your life Instead of being sidelined by fearful thoughts.

Here's how it works and why it will help you achieve greatness on and off stage.

Here is How To Use This Amazing Book and CD or Mp3
For Overcoming Stage Fright

The first thing that you do is quickly read the book. The book is very short and EASY TO READ.
It will mentally prime and prepare you for getting rid of your stage fright.


Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones
You will tune into the sound of my soft gentle hypnotic voice speaking to you while soothing  music plays gently in the background. You will hear everything that I say as I guide you through a wonderful, very peaceful relaxation process where you will completely relax your mind and body. You will quickly drift off into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis. During this time I give your subconscious mind wonderful instructions for letting go of nervousness, fear, anxiety and all of your inhibitions about speaking or performing  in front of people and replace those negative thoughts with empowering thoughts for having UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS in every area of your life but especially in your  stage skills.

This way every time that you think of yourself as a speaker, performer, musician comedian, or actor or whatever else it is that you do or dream of doing all of your thoughts will be those of confidence, focus, relaxation and a belief in yourself that you CAN DO IT and that you've got what it takes to perform   at your best in any situation. This way whenever you set foot on a stage you wake up the creative confident genius inside and you automatically speak, sing, perform or present  from that magical spiritual place that makes memorable performances.

When you begin using this program

Most people will notice an immediate improvement in their speaking or  performing 
before and during any performance large or small any “nerves or jitters” have been redirected into confidence and EXCITEMENT! You'll play, speak or perform the way that you know that you SHOULD be. You'll perform as the MAXIMUM YOU. The one who is speaking, playing , performing from that magical special, spiritual place. Not the nervous, you.

However no matter how much more confident, relaxed, focused and FEARLESS that you become, you should listen every night for 30 nights so that you have plenty of reinforcement. (You can also listen about 2 hours before any show or presentation  if you wish) and whenever you've got a gig if you want to. However you will quickly discover that you won't need it anymore because being CONFIDENT, FEARLESS  AND FOCUSED will quickly be your new way of thinking and behaving.

Skeptical? Here's How it Works

Why Hypnosis Eliminates Stage Fright and Works To Make You a Better Speaker, Singer, Musician, Performer or Presenter. If you are really  skeptical, if you think that this is some New Agey b.s. or if you just feel a need for more information before you buy this program, I wrote this next part just for you.

I'm going to take this very scientific topic of hypnosis and make it very easy for you to understand so that you can make a wise decision without being bored to death with medical mumbo jumbo.

Here we go

Your brain is a giant computer and your body is like a robot. All your body does is follow the instructions given to it by the computer.

Get it?

Your computer (your brain) tells your robot (your  mouth to speak and your body to move and  so it does.

Your brain is divided into 2 parts. You've got your conscious mind and your sub conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that you are using right now as you are reading each of these words and thinking about these words and analyzing them.

Then there's your subconscious mind. This is the more powerful part of your mind. This is the part that works like a giant hard drive of a computer and it stores information. It stores speech,  music, sounds, thoughts, feelings, memories, pictures, words and Its also responsible for your imagination and your dreams. Its the part of your brain that makes you feel certain emotions when you hear music, see a picture or say certain words. Its the part of your brain that drives all of your creativity and your performance on and off stage or holds it all back when you are NERVOUS.

Are you with me so far?

In the case of anyone who is  speaking  a memorized script or singing or playing a memorized song. As you are learning  your script or  song, you use your conscious mind. You have to think about every  word, vocal inflection, where to pause, every gesture  But once you have learned and memorized your script or song, word for word, or note for note.  Its your subconscious mind that that makes your mouth and body move to all the right places and make all the right sounds  without you having to consciously think about what to say or sing or do.  Its also the part of your brain that allows great performers, comedians, speakers or singers or musicians to improvise masterfully because your subconscious mind knows what notes to play automatically.

Your subconscious mind is also responsible for all of your bodily functions such as breathing and blinking, body motions and it also controls your thoughts and FEELINGS.

Your subconscious mind also access feelings of confidence or feelings of nervousness all depending on what kind of program is being run. This is why great on stage performers do so  with such confidence, warmth and feeling. They are profoundly relaxed, confident and are performing “in the moment”  from deep within their subconscious mind.

Now because even performers are human. Most humans have anxious, nervousness and fearful thoughts running through their subconscious minds. Most people especially when first starting out  performing or speaking on stage  lack confidence and focus. Especially when it comes time to perform in front of people who are judging you or when it time to record yourself when everything has to be perfect.

Performing on stage or in a studio
IS All About Transferring  Feelings.

This is why if you start feeling fearful or nervous or apprehensive or over analyzing your performance or “thinking too much about what you are doing” your performance suddenly suffers. This is why, when you get STAGE FRIGHT, your mind ( your computer) starts running a program called ANXIETY AND FEAR and you begin thinking fearful thoughts of failure, making a mistake, being judged, etc and so your body especially your fingers tense up, sweat more, and your fingers lose coordination may even start making jerky motions and you start making dumb mistakes or even freeze up or go blank.

However when you are relaxed, confident and focused – that's when you are, “in the groove” or “in the zone” and the magic happens and you  speak, sing or perform  masterfully. When the “magic happens” you are accessing the more powerful, resourceful feelings in your, “subconscious mind” where there is basically a “program” stored on your “hard drive” that told your mouth what to do. And your voice  made all the right sounds and your body made all the right moves automatically without you having to think about it. Your sub conscious mind was also running a program called “confidence”

As a hypnotherapist I help people get their head right so that they only run the program called CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND RELAXATION.
Get it now?

This amazing CD  and book comes with an unlimited NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ANY TIME EVER. If for any reason ANY TIME EVER!

you feel that this program does not take away all of your stage fright / performance anxiety give you all of the
SELF CONFIDENCE, RELAXATION, AND FOCUS THAT YOU WANT on and off stage in your speaking, presentation, singing, playing or performing, simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price.
(minus shipping and handling)
I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% confident that it WILL work for you!
So why not get over your stage fright.

Get ahead start in making all of your speaking and
performing on stage dreams
Program that is appropriate for you.

If you are smart and you  read all the way to the end, you are  still wondering what the  BONUS GIFT IS.
Here is the deal.    After you  go through this  program and begin experiencing  results there will come a time when you will want  a private  session or consultation with me so that you can  tweak it a bit or make some sort of personalized adjustment.  Private sessions were me at EXPENSIVE.  I charge a minimum of  $500.00.  
What I'm giving you as a FREE  BONUS for getting  this  eliminate stage fright program is a FREE 30 minute session with me by  phone or by  Skype.  There is no expiration and you can use it any time you feel the need.

So why not go ahead and

This is me speaking and performing on stage.
It could be YOU!
This is the view from stage when you
And You Speak And Perform
With The Confidence of A Lion Tamer
And Funny!
no stage fright  chris cady
How to flip off and overcome and eliminate stage fright fear of public speaking and speak with confidence and power program cd and book
no stage fright  chris cady

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james brown godfather of soul and chris cady
Brian Johnson of ACDC and Chris Cady backstage at the cow palace
Klaus Meine of the scorpions and Chris Cady
Ronnie James Dio RJD and Chris Cady
wolfman Jack DJ and Chris Cady

"I Feel GOOD!"
Here I am in 1991 With James Brown "The Godfather of Soul"
A man who clearly was CONFIDENT on stage, gave 120%  & had zero stage fright.
I learned a wonderful technique from him that I use every time I go on stage.
You will benefit greatly in your speaking, singing,  performing, skills from this advice.

Throughout my career I have met a LOT of very interesting people.  SOME of their photos are above.

I placed these photos of these famous entertainers here because meeting a musician who I respect is always very exciting and one of the benefits of being in show business.  You see, I used to work in the radio and music industry and I would frequently meet musicians that I respected at  industry events or back stage after their concerts. Rather then just get a photo and an autograph, I would always, "seize the night" and do my best to actually learn something from them. Among other things, one of the things I would always ask them was how to deal with stage fright / performance anxiety. I used to ask every successful musician, comedian, actor, DJ or speaker how to deal with stage fright, performance anxiety and being a better performer. I wanted my advice  right from the "horses mouth" as they say.   Boy did I get it! You'll will benefit from it too!
BACK N BLACK! Here I am in 1986 With Brian Johnson who is the singer front man of AC DC.
A man who is CONFIDENT singing and screaming his heart out on stage.
I learned a powerful trick from him that I use every time I get on a stage.
You will benefit greatly in your speaking, singing or performing, skills from this advice.
"Rock You Like A Hurricane" "There's No One Like YOU!"
Here I am with Klaus Meine
who is the singer front man of The Scorpions.
A man who is CONFIDENT and PASSIONATE singing his heart out on stage.
I learned a powerful trick from Klaus that I use every time I get on a stage.
You will benefit greatly in your speaking, singing or performing, skills from this advice.
"I'm The Man On The Silver Mountain" 

Here I am with Ronnie James Dio. We met and also spoke by telephone on several occasions
and he was always gracious and helpful. 
Ronnie was a man who was CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, PREPARED and PASSIONATE singing his heart out on stage.
I learned  several powerful tricks and an "ethic" from Ronnie that I use every time I get on a stage or do anything in show business or in regards to performing.
You will benefit greatly in your speaking, singing, playing or performing, skills from this advice.
Here I am with Wolf Man Jack who was a famous rock and roll radio DJ.
I got great insight from Wolf about having a certain mindset  that I use every time I get behind a microphone or I get on a stage.
It does not matter if you are a DJ or just want to give a speech. You will benefit greatly in your speaking, DJ, recording or  performing, skills from this advice.

"I FEEL GOOD" Speaking & Performing Without Stage Fright!
That's Me With James Brown
Back in the 90's
Did you just read about us in
Guitar World Magazine?

To Read About & then Order This AMAZING
Program Made Specifically For Guitar Players
how to  get rid of eliminate stage fright for guitar players program by hypnotist chris cady

Order Any Overcome Stage Fright
Program By Midnight
August 27, 2014 and
YOU Will Get
WORTH $250.00
(Your gift is a 30 minute
session with me by phone)