Best Stage Fright Performance Anxiety Coach
Why I am Quite Frankly The Best And Most Qualified Person In The World To
help you (and practically make you)  Get Rid of All of YOUR
Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety And Skyrocket Your Confidence
So that you can walk into any room leap up on stage, grab the microphone and
The Confidence of a LION TAMER!
Fearlessly Exuding
Self Confidence, Focus, Certainty, Calmness, Power
The Way That You Do In Your Dreams!

Why should you trust me, to help you eliminate YOUR Stage Fright?
I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results and ALMOST takes away your stage fright.
I put this video here so that you can see how I present on stage VERY CONFIDENTLY WITHOUT ANY STAGE FRIGHT!! 

My name is Chris Cady,

I am an entertainer who is a Stage Hypnotist and Peak Performance Hypnotherapist. If you did not watch the video yet . DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO UNTIL YOU  READ OVER THIS SITE. I put this video here so that you can see how I present on stage VERY CONFIDENTLY WITHOUT ANY STAGE FRIGHT!! 

when I step up on stage I am a

I am in charge, not the audience, not anyone else.

When I step on stage, I  step into a DREAM! 

But  I know that most speakers or performers step into a NIGHTMARE.

I am also so dang good at helping others overcome their FEAR of public public speaking that if there were an Olympic Metal for Hypnotherapists  who help people get rid of STAGE FRIGHT,  I'd get a GOLD!




You Will accomplish more in 1 hour with me then you will in one YEAR of Toastmasters, talk therapy, speech classes or other "speaking groups"
The truth is that most teachers or coaches who teach, “overcome stage fright courses”  speak, sing, play an instrument or perform on stage in their  DREAMS and  actively give compelling speeches or performances,  or entertain people in their NIGHTMARES!

These coaches don't sing, dance or tell jokes, play an instrument or interact with an audience unless its in a classroom or seminar with a bunch of students who are more afraid of public speaking than they are, or they are at Toastmasters with a room full of other people who are there to support each other in getting better with public speaking.

These  “public speaking coaches”  have mostly only taught, “public speaking." They have never stood in front of a bunch of drunk hillbillies in a smoke filled bar and performed music or comedy while being heckled or ignored.  They have never had a beer thrown at them. They have never spoken in front of a bunch of stuffed shirt  suit and tie types at a seminar and tried to get them to laugh or learn or buy something or interact in any way.  They have never stood in front of an apathetic or hostile audience who came in to a club with a negative attitude and had to figure out how to make them laugh at your jokes, enjoy your music or presentation. They have never told a joke, sang a song, danced, played a musical instrument or given a performance in a comedy club, high school theater, college performance center, convention center, casino show room, or even a local bar hosting karaoke or an open mic night...

They have never performed in Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara area)  and stood in front of a room full of  brilliant but reserved engineers from other countries who don't  laugh or give off any verbal or non verbal signs of being interested in your presentation while you struggle to figure out how to liven them up and get them laughing and smiling.

Heck, they have never even held a microphone and given a toast at a wedding or announced a winner of a raffle at a company Christmas party or even taught a line dance or led a conga line.

And that's why most of these,  "how to beat stage fright / performance anxiety coaches" are MEDIOCRE at best.
But I HAVE Done ALL Of Those Things In Front of Audiences of All Sizes
I Get Up On Stage On A Regular Basis
and I Speak and Perform On Stage With a Microphone


Plus I use hypnosis to eliminate all of your FEARS about failure, rejection and looking foolish and get you to FEEL, and expect success, deliver your speech or performance perfectly and professionally with confidence, authority and power.
Over the years I have used hypnosis to help

people who want to use hypnosis as a competitive advantage to take themselves to the next level.
These folks have come from all walks of life. They are musicians, comedians, public speakers, seminar leaders, sales people,  business executives, dancers and actors, athletes, golfers, bowlers, football and baseball players, gymnasts, and more... All of them needed to work on their,  “mental game”  being more confident, staying focused, calming nerves, staying letting go of fears of past mistakes, public speaking, making appearances, etc)...  Others  are business people, realtors, cops, doctors, students and other folks who are looking to improve their lives using focus, concentration, relaxation... I also perform Stage Hypnosis shows and stand up comedy and I have ZERO STAGE FRIGHT.

(Look up my videos on youtube if you want to)

I have also used hypnosis to help painfully shy people with low self esteem, become confident people. I have helped hopelessly addicted tobacco users quit smoking and stop chewing, junk food addicts lose weight. I have used hypnosis to help people with insomnia – sleep wonderfully, nervous, anxious and mean people relax and treat their families nicely... road ragers to stop road raging... I have used hypnosis to help people heal from disease, block pain, eliminate all kinds of phobias and more.

But you probably don't care about any of that because

What you want is to  ELIMINATE your


I have used hypnosis to help very talented professional guitar players, piano players singers and other musicians with stage fright, performance anxiety and even recording fright that was so crippling, they were going to quit. After working with me, they perform At Their Maximum Musical Selves and have discovered playing capabilities that they never even knew they possessed! Same goes for comics, actors, dancers and public speakers.

I work with clients in person, by telephone, by skype and by providing them with CDs and mp3s.

And in case you are wondering, as a kid I played a variety of instruments, performed music on stage, acted in theater and film and as a young adult  I was even a radio and mobile and cruise ship DJ and I had  STAGE FRIGHT and was  SCARED SILLY to speak in front of people!

But not anymore. I have overcome Stage Fight / Performance Anxiety in a major way based on  combining  some techniques that a mentor of mine was using along with  advice from famous  performers along with  techniques that were being  used in other areas of "peak performance"  and then I also discovered and invented several techniques of my own.

Prior to discovering these amazing techniques my level of pre-show and on-stage ANXIETY was “off the charts” at times it was even paralyzing  but these days its the exact opposite because I have turned  nervous energy  and anxiety into ROCKET FUEL.  Now I LOVE speaking in front of people.

I walk the talk!

Here's a few more things you should know about me

I perform around 100 hypnosis shows a year for conventions, colleges, schools, casinos, private events.

I performed for an entire year at the Horizon Hotel Casino In South Lake Tahoe in their 200 seat showroom.

I performed for 2 years at the  Pioneer Center For The Performing Arts in Reno, NV in their  Pioneer Underground Theater.

I have performed and continue to perform in numerous comedy clubs, resorts, casinos, cruise ships etc.
Even though these are all shows, this is basically PUBLIC SPEAKING!

I have written and produced and published around 70 self improvement  programs.

I have a unique almost magical way of getting to the root of your stage fright / performance anxiety  problem and  "flipping a switch" inside your brain that turns off FEAR and ANXIETY and TURNS ON  CONFIDENCE so that you speak or perform as the MAXIMUM YOU!

No one does it  the way that I can because, NO ONE ELSE has my experience or training. ( Well maybe Tony Robbins does but  chances are that you can't afford him.)
If you watch any of my videos you will see that when I'm on stage I am playful, fun, relaxed and DOMINANT.

I speak spontaneously, energetically and  fluidly.
Not nervous or anxiously or apprehensively.    But it was not always that way.  I MADE IT that way and I did so by learning  and developing my very secret techniques which you will learn.

So do you think I can help YOU get rid of your Stage Fright / Performance anxiety better than some  “know it all lecturer” who's never spoken or performed in front of a  real live audience?    I think so.   Why not order my program or  call me and find out why.

Here I am
and Remember
I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results and ALMOST takes away your stage fright

stage fright anxiety coach hypnotist chris cady
stage fright anxiety coach hypnotist chris cady live on stage
my show room on stage at the horizon stage fright anxiety coach chris cady
audience photo of chris cady demonstrating hypnosis and stage ffright performance anxiet coach in reno
This was my stage and showroom for one year at the Horizon Hotel Casino in Tahoe
When you perform in a theater like this you can see most of the audience and there is no place to hide
so you better not have any stage fright.

This was my stage and showroom for two  years at the Pioneer Center For The Performing Arts in their Pioneer Underground Theater in Reno
When you perform in a theater like this you can see ALL of the audience. They can reach out and touch you and there is no place to hide
so you better not have any stage fright.
Most comedians, speakers or entertainers are terrified to perform in front of a small audience because they usually lack energy. But not me.
I crank up the heat. Here I am performing at the Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club. You can only see the front row but it was still a lite Wednesday night audience.
When you perform a show like this you better have confidence running through your brain, heart, body and soul or you are dead.
hypnotist chris cady hypnotizing the cal berkeley football team

In this photo I'm hypnotizing the Cal Berkeley Football Team In Their Training Room.
This is hard for my ego to admit but in a room full of football players, I am the smallest and physically the weakest person a room of very tough young men.
When you speak  to a group like this, you cannot have any fear. You must have the confidence of a LION TAMER
or else you will get eaten alive.
Chris Cady hypnotist stage fright performance anxiet coach marquee
Most people who sell, "how to get rid of your stage fright or performance anxiety programs"

Have never been on stage or if they have, they have not spent much time on one.

But I have and I still do!
I frequently perform for corporate, college, casino and private events & I always give 110% no matter what.

I have been speaking & performing for a very long time in a variety of locations to audiences of all sizes. As you can see from the marquee in the photos. I had a show at the Horizon Casino  that  ran every week for a year.  Usually it was
on the weekends & sometimes multiple nights a week, depending on the time of year.
Sometimes the shows were at 10:00pm when the audience is drunk & rowdy.
Other times  the shows were at 8 or 9pm when the audience was more subdued & needed a lot of "working."
Also, sometimes the audience was large & full of energy & other times they were small & needed me to get them excited. If I had been fearful, the show would have bombed. But due to my super high levels of confidence. I ALWAYS made the show successful because I know how to "work" any sized audience, but more importantly I  know how to "switch off stage fright" and "switch on confidence & focus."
As well, I frequently would (and still do) perform a show throughout the week for corporate events at various locations throughout the USA.

I also had a weekly show in downtown Reno, NV that ran for 2 years and I perform in  various casino showrooms all the time.
My point is this. I "walk the talk" The audience expects the entertainer or speaker to be focused & fearless, give 110% and perform fearlessly without stage fright no matter what.

This is why I can help you. When you work with me you work with a pro who actually DOES IT!
I'm not some  chump who can only help you based on  text book theory.
no stsge fright chris cady performance anxiety coach logo

To Contact Me By Phone
Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety!

james brown and chris cady
hypnotist stage fright anxiety coach Chris Cady show sign Reno Sparks Nevada
stage fright performance anxiety hypnotist coach chris cady on stage at his hypnosis show
Here I am
In Los Angeles
with James Brown
Who did NOT
have stage fright

Onstage just before sound check.
I'm "feeling" the vibe of the theater.
3 hours from now 500 people will
be here.
When you do NOT have any
performance anxiety
It feels GREAT
and the thought
of your showroom
filling up
with an audience is

Hypnosis  For
Performance Anxiety
and Stage Fright

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