carlos santana masterclass review of carlos santana teaches the art and soul of guitar
Review of Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar MasterClass
Here's the TRUTH.
by Chris Cady  

Dear fellow guitar player,
So you want a TRUTHFUL review  about this new "How to play guitar class" that is hosted and "pitched" by Carlos Santana?

You came to the right place.

Most Guitar PLAYERS are living their  FEARS instead of LIVING their DREAMS!

With this course Carlos Santana is going to help you change that!

I want to start this review of  "Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar," by  telling you that I am not associated with the people at Master Class or Carlos Santana and I don't get one red cent if you  buy his course.  Nobody is paying me anything. They probably won't even thank me.

I have been seeing the ads for  various  Masterclasses for some time now on my Facebook page and on Youtube and this is the first one that truly appealed to me as I have recently began playing guitar again after a very long hiatus.

When I first saw the ad on my Facebook page and then immediately in my youtube channel that said that on of my favorite guitar players CARLOS SANTANA was teaching a MASTER CLASS in how to play guitar I was PUMPED!

I have been a fan since the early 1970s when I was a boy growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
Also, when I was 18 years old I met Carlos Santana through a very strange "coincidence" in the Bay Area.  It's a funny story.    I call it, "Breakfast With Senior Santana."    There's also  anecdote about a  time when I met Gene Simmons that I feel is important for all musicians to hear because he told me  about how  being committed to ongoing learning and development in your craft and how it will pay you dividends.  I feel like they are both appropriate for guitar players and all musicians so I hope that you enjoy them both.

I'll post it at the bottom so you can read it after the review if you want to.

  I'm writing this truthful unbiased review because in addition to selling my, "How To Get Over Stage Fright for Guitar Players,"   programs and my self confidence programs that help guitar players, singers and other musicians overcome stage fright and performance anxiety. (Yes they REALLY WORK so  I don't apologize for the blatant pitch...

I want to be a resource for guitar players and other musicians, artists and even "regular people" who want to make music and play at their FULL POTENTIAL instead of being held back for lack of self confidence, and FEAR! 

So with that in mind here is my truthful review of

"Carlos Santana teaches the art and soul of guitar.

Before I  found out about this Masterclass being offered by legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, I had been learning or shall I say re-learning  guitar by watching the excellent FREE Marty  Schwartz "How to play guitar" videos on Youtube. If you are doing the same thing you might be asking yourself why you should spend money on learning to play guitar from a Legend like Carlos Santana when  you can  learn for FREE from a guitar teacher Marty Schwartz. After all Marty is a very good teacher.

Here is my answer... DO BOTH!

The price of this guitar class is a lot less than a lifetime of frustration and wishing you  had learned to play the guitar.   I sure wish that a class like this was available back when I was a kid  trying to figure out songs by reading guitar magazines, listening to records and using the Doug Marx Metal Method guitar course.  ( Doug has a good program too which he  now sells online)

Whenever I spend my money on any learning program, class, training or seminar
I look at it like I do Gold mining. ( After all I live in Nevada and they do a lot of mining here)

Whenever I'm learning from any kind of class or book or program or seminar:
I have to sift through a LOT of  DIRT and ROCKS in-order to find the GOLD NUGGETS!  And I know that there is going to be a LOT OF DIRT AND ROCKS!

In many cases these "how to" training classes are 99% dirt and rocks and so as I go through them I  keep sifting and sifting and "swirling the pan" and eventually... BINGO!   PURE GOLD! And sometimes that GOLD is a few specs and other times it is a river of GOLD! Either way its ALWAYS worth it! I have always learned something that  made a class or a course more than worth the time and money spent and propelled me forward like ROCKET FUEL!

However in the case of Carlos Santana teaches the art and soul of guitar master class

Whenever I decide to spend money on anything I'm always looking for 
I always want to know:
What am I going to get out of it?
Is the price of the product / class worth the money?
And more importantly, is it worth my TIME?

Next, is the class  too "entry level"  or is it too advanced?
And,  is this the right teacher for me?

My guess is that you are doing the same.

Here's the deal:

Both men are great guitar teachers.  They both have completely different teaching styles. They both come from very different places and you will  take your playing to the next level very quickly by doing BOTH.

Now to really begin the review of Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar.

I GIVE IT 5 STARS!  I felt that this course was worth AT LEAST 10 TIMES MORE than the price!
This is not just from a beginners prospective but when you keep reading you will see an advanced / professional guitar players opinion as well.

This very professionally produced class is structured so that regardless of your level of guitar playing, you will BENEFIT GREATLY from Carlos Santana's lessons which go WAY beyond teaching basic  guitar lessons.   Because of the information here and how the classes are set up, it does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate,  advanced or even professional guitar player. I'm certain that you will find that your precious money and time is very well spent.

There are 16 excellent lessons here. There is so much excellent information that I felt like I got 100 lessons!

In my case, after 30 years of not playing guitar,  I restarted at the very beginning level and progressed very quickly. As I reached the more advanced information and lessons, I did NOT find myself lost, frustrated or overwhelmed. All the information and musical training from my early childhood music training came back to me.  Lesson after lesson, I could  feel my artistic soul being stimulated and glowing brighter.

Are you an ADVANCED OR PROFESSIONAL level guitar player?

If you are already an advanced or professional guitar player and you are considering this guitar class, I want you to know that I invited a friend and client of mine (who shall remain nameless) to watch these classes with me. He is a VERY PROFESSIONAL VERY WELL KNOWN guitar, piano player and singer  from a popular country band who has several records out and he tours regularly and he felt that he also learned a lot from this course even though he plays country music, sounds nothing like Carlos Santana and does not wish to. I also found it very interesting that his attitude about taking the course was not.  "What am I going to  get out of this because I'm already a professional guitar player."  But rather, WOW, I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED BECAUSE I KNOW I'M GOING TO LEARN SOMETHING GREAT FROM A LEGENDARY GUITAR PLAYER WHO IS TOP OF HIS GAME!"

He was right!

The opening "pitch" for this course  (pun intended) is, "Carlos teaches you his spiritual take on playing guitar. Learn how he weaves emotion, artistic expression, and musical styles from across the world to create a sound that transcends genre and connects with audiences.. Join Carlos as he breaks down his process note by note -so you can discover the soul of your sound."

WOW!  You know that this cat is from the 70's!

My professional musician friends take on this was that this is perfect because he had never really given much "thought" to "discovering" the "soul of his sound," other than it just, "sounded country." 

He decided that after this class he would spend time on the "mental and spiritual side" and the  "discovery side" of  his music more.  He reported back to me last night that he feels like he "has ascended" to another level of playing and that he feels like the country music Gods are now guiding him and that new music is flowing to him out of another dimension.

I thought that sounded like a pretty good deal.

This Guitar Masterclass comes packed with guitar lessons and a book that you can print with tab and exercises. Throughout each segment you see Carlos Santana play his guitar and they film it so you can easily watch where he places his fingers and you can follow along.

Also,  unlike most guitar lessons that only teach you the technical aspects of playing guitar such as  chords, scales, strumming and playing songs. Carlos goes much deeper and teaches the SPIRITUAL MINDSET that you need to play from in-order to, "tap into the magic" and connect with your, "spiritual side" and your heart and soul so that you can create FEELING in your notes.   When you do this, you will have a lot of freedom in your head to play and to create. You will find it very liberating. As it will "wake you up to music."

Carlos Santana also teaches about the importance of  getting rid of negative words that guitar students often use that holds them back.

Then he teaches how to do a mental warm up. "How to breathe deeply" so that you  "access the invisible" "get out of your head and into your own body" and how to discover the "soul of your sound."

Because I am a Peak Performance Hypnotherapist who makes his living working with entertainers and athletes on their, "mental game," I was fascinated that he started his Masterclass with this information because the, "mental side," or in his case the, "spiritual side" of any performing art or any sport  is the most important part and is often neglected until the artist or athlete has some sort of a setback and starts  looking for  a solution other than more physical practice.  In this class, the "mental side of playing guitar" or "mental and spiritual preparation" or proper mindset for learning and practicing and playing your guitar is addressed FIRST! I was overjoyed by this since the mental side and having your brain on your side is 90% of your success or failure in any endeavor.

In sports, athletes will call this, "pre-game mental preparation"  which allows them to mentally put themselves "in the zone"   prior to a workout or competition.  Musicians will often call it, "being in the  groove."  While athletes do this mental preparation through deep breathing, and visualization, hypnosis and other  mental preparation, musicians usually try to activate the elusive "zone" through  drugs and alcohol and then find that, "being in the groove" generally either happens by the third song in a set or it does not happen at all that night.    When you study this segment you will know how to "be in the groove"  or "in the zone," BEFORE you begin playing. You will be able to do this without any "substances" and as a result you will learn guitar faster and you will play better.

I had heard years ago that when Carlos plays, he feels like he is connected with the holy spirit when he plays guitar.   I have always felt that his sound  felt like it came from the heavens, and now you will know why too. And how to get yourself there.

Then he goes deep. Discussing spirituality. If you are spiritual or religious musician or if you happen to be a guitar player who plays in a Church Worship band you will particularly enjoy this lesson. If you are not spiritual or religious, I strongly encourage you to watch and listen to this part of the program with an open mind.

In the second lesson of "Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar,"   Carlos also addresses CONFIDENCE  and how to grow more confident as a musician and artist.   I felt that this part alone was worth the price of the course since it's critical that you FEEL CONFIDENT. Otherwise you will probably quit playing your guitar, just as I did  for 30 years.

As a Hypnotherapist I help musicians overcome self confidence issues everyday (blatant pitch for the  program that I sell for it )   but he is telling you how to do it and I'd listen if I were you because if you plan on being in the music business in any way you are going to need LOTS OF CONFIDENCE.

In Lesson 3
"Going Inside The Note"
Carlos Santana teaches how to, "get inside the note." I found this fascinating since I heard he and Miles Davis say this in many interviews but I didn't understand what either of them meant.

However, I have noticed that there are many guitar players and singers who seem to play technically well but never really, "touch me."  So when I heard him say, "When you do not get inside the note you are not going to get inside peoples hearts." This was followed by showing an actual demonstration in what he means.  When this happened it became abundantly clear to me!

Now here is a "woo woo" sounding part of this unique guitar class. After all, he is sometimes referred to as, "Cosmic Carlos."  Carlos Santana gives lessons in, "Spiritual Note Bending." Followed by examples of other songs and artists that play this way too. While that may seem very, "cosmic" for many people who just think technically, this part alone can give you the tools to make your guitar sound as unique as your  own voice.    I'll take "spiritual note bending" over "BORING note bending" any day.

Lesson four was on finding your sound: 

For most guitar players or any musician. Finding YOUR sound seems to be a life long journey.  But Carlos teaches how to look into (or better put, LISTEN into your musical influences and  find out what your unique voice is so that when you play your guitar, you sound like YOU... instead of  sounding like  every other guitar player on the planet who is copying the same guitar players as you.

In Lesson 5  Global Music Rolodex

In Lesson 5  he goes deep into musical influences from a variety of,  "world music"
and how you can "tap into" this global music. He calls it, "A Global Music Rolodex."  I'm pretty sure that at anytime Carlos is tapping into at least 10 different  universal  musical styles all at the same time.

Lesson 6  all about learning from the Blues.

He gives you plenty of songs to practice from a variety of legendary blues musicians /  blues masters and teaches the structure of blues music and how you can play it and adopt and adapt it to your playing style.

Lesson 7 is on Opening YOUR EARS TO RHYTHM

When it comes to music I am personally drawn to melody.

Prior to this class I'd never really given rhythm much thought. Either a song  made me dance, or it did not.  I learned a lot here and now I can put a name on certain signature rhythms and beats.

Lesson  8

Lesson  8   teaches actual strategies for writing melody lines that  grab and emotionally move listeners.
I have never personally heard anyone actually teach the "How to"  part of writing melody before.
This lesson  was quite enjoyable and easy to understand and it must have  truly, "spoken to me" because my fingers seemingly on their own started playing  Beetoven's "Ode To Joy" which was something I learned in violin class in the second  grade. After that I started creating all sorts of fun melodies that seemed to come from,  "thin air" or of course, "My spiritual side".

Lesson 9
"The Music Beyond The Page"
Man what a great title. This lesson teaches about  where you can find inspiration from your own life experience  and put it into your music.

Lesson 10
Leading and Playing in a Band

Goes way beyond the basics of "start a band and rehearse. He goes into he important of collaborating with other musicians and beyond.

Lessons 10-16
continue to get even better.

I'm writing this late at night and getting tired so I'll summarize my review of  "Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar," just by saying that lessons 10- 16 ARE AWESOME  and discuss playing live and CONNECTING with your listener and giving them an emotionally compelling performance  instead of just playing your set. This is something I am big on since I teach this to musicians who come to me because they need to get over stage fright and performance anxiety and when they do, they find that they are actually CONNECTING with people for the first time! 

Lessons 12-16
( this is the end, my friend...)

These lessons go into  gear, tone and Santana's guitars. This information can be found in any print or online guitar magazine and I saw his "rig run down" video along with a "pitch" for his guitars and  amps on Youtube, so it was not news to me and he is not revealing any secrets here.  Remember when I wrote earlier about, "sifting through dirt and rocks?"  Well for me the lesson on his gear was "dirt and rocks."  But if you have not heard that yet, you'll probably enjoy it even though that information can be found at no cost elsewhere.  However the big GOLD NUGGETS HERE are that you will learn about TRANSFORMATION and transforming from, "person who plays guitar," into a full time ARTIST.  Plus there are BONUS tips and techniques that you can incorporate along with...
(this is among my favorite part of the course)

giving you

As well as teaching you how the universal language of music connects through time and space.   (More "woo- woo stuff" but man it's AWESOME)  I encourage you to be "open to it" as part of your musical journey. Something that I feel is very important in evolving as a person is that listening to and  learning from successful people in any field is very helpful in ways that you may not even know at the time.   I don't know how old you are or where you are in your life or where you want to go other than you are considering this Masterclass guitar course as a tool to help you improve your guitar playing and general musical ability.

It does not matter if you are a kid or an adult of any age.  Learning from successful, "old wise men" will pay you dividends.   When I was a kid (I still feel like a kid) I would ask every older person who I met and who I felt was successful at something, for advise and they were usually pleased to help.

As a teen I worked at a hard rock radio station and I got to interview a lot of famous musicians and athletes (you will see photos of me with some of them posted  on the pages  on this website where I have by programs for singers and guitar players) and because  I was a kid searching for answers on how "I could be the best I could be," I  always asked them for career or life advice for musicians or advice that was related to music, show business, broadcasting or any artistic endeavor.  I always got interesting advice that I still draw on today that I'm certain I would not have received anywhere else (except maybe in a Tony Robbins book) because  non artistic people just don't think this way and lets face it, any musician or athlete who is at the top of their game has a very interesting point of view that can't be dished out by a person  from the, "regular working world."  After all "regular people" give "regular advice," "ordinary people" give ordinary advice but...
So it would be wise of you to listen to what Carlos says in this lesson.

A few things about learning to play guitar: Some of the best musicians on the planet still take lessons. They are always developing so they take lessons from people who even teach completely different styles of music just so they can expand their musical knowledge.  Randy Rhodes took classical guitar lessons while he was on tour right up until the day that he died.  Kirk Hammit of Metallica took lessons from Joe Satriani  even after their records were on top of the charts and they were selling out arenas and then he took music classes from a major University while Metallica as on a hiatus. The list goes on...

Quick story to reinforce ongoing learning and  mastery of your craft and the craft of music and even the music business and why you should take this Santana course (or any "how  to play guitar better" course and attend as many music industry type seminars or conventions as you can.

Back in 1987 when I was 18 years old I met Gene Simmons at a record industry convention that was  for the BUSINESS of music and I quizzed him about why he was one of the few musicians who was there in a sea of music business producers, executives, retail and radio people.

Surprisingly Gene was there by himself and he was not surrounded by an entourage of babes, media or any security people and he was totally accessible and approachable, so I basically ambushed him and told him that I was in high school and working for a Hard Rock radio station and learning the music business. He let me speak to him at length and I guess the clouds parted because  NO ONE INTERRUPTED US while I tortured him  for almost an hour with music business questions about royalties and music publishing instead of  fan questions.   He even told me I was the first, "kid" to not ask any questions about KISS and that I was asking intelligent questions.   I remember clearly that  Gene Simmons  was the first adult to tell me that I was intelligent.

Anyway, I remember being very surprised that this giant very important music industry convention was lacking in musicians.  I remember saying, "You are Gene Simmons from KISS! Your a VERY successful musician and you  are one of the only TOP MUSICIANS HERE. What are YOU going to learn here?"  I remember like it was yesterday,  him telling me. "This is my industries TOP CONVENTION. I HAVE TO BE HERE!  I'm not here because I WANT to be here. I'm here because I HAVE TO BE HERE! The better question is, Why aren't all of the other musicians here? This is San Francisco why isn't Carlos Santana here? Why Isn't everyone from Journey and the Grateful Dead  and the Starship here? After all this is, San Francisco. THEY ALL LIVE HERE!  Then there's all the Los Angeles Musicians. This is a quick flight for them. I flew in from New York.  Why isn't EVERYONE HERE? THIS IS OUR INDUSTRIES TOP CONVENTION. I HAVE TO BE HERE. THIS IS MY BUSINESS!  All they do is go to NAMM and party and play with gear and perform for each other.  You can see all the guitars and gear in a music store. Here you will learn about the BUSINESS of the BUSINESS that musicians are in! I don't know what I'm going to learn this weekend but I absolutely know that I will learn something that is critical and makes it all worth while." 

Then he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a day planner and a  notepad and showed me that it was filled with notes from one of the seminars earlier in the day and showed me what he had learned already.  He also made a point of  showing me his impressive "bulging at the seams" day planner and told me why I  should get one.  Then after telling me I should go to college because I was intelligent and then I should call him for a job after I graduated ( I never called him because I went to work for a record company) he then  told me to find him on the last day of the convention and he would tell me what his "big take-aways" were that would make all the time spent at the music industry convention worth the time and money.

Every day at the music convention he sat in the back of each seminar and I sat nearby watching him copiously taking notes.

Then on the last day of the convention, he got up on stage and lectured everyone in the room about how unwise it was that the biggest and most important  music industry convention on the planet lacked artists who desperately needed to know this information because it is SHOW BUSINESS NOT SHOW ART! 

After the seminar we spoke again and he showed me his big stack of  notes and he read me about a dozen things that  he had  bulleted that were his GOLD NUGGETS!   The biggest one that I can remember was that  he learned that compact discs had surpassed CD and cassette sales!   (Remember this was 1987)  This bit of information was critical to Gene.  When I told him that I already knew that because I read every issue of, "Billboard" and "Radio and Records," cover to cover,  he was very surprised and impressed because he subscribed to all of the music trade journals and still thought cassettes outsold CDS.    Funny how times have changed...

I'll end this story by sharing with you that Gene told me he had a college degree and had been a school teacher. Which shocked me!  Then  he made it clear that if someone wants to be successful at anything they have to commit to ongoing training and learning and education and he emphasized that you don't do it because you WANT TO. You do it because its your business and you, HAVE TO!  I took this information to heart and you probably should too.  I remember also that he also said, "If you make it to the top and you want to stay on top that you must understand that you will never know everything and that thinking that you, "know it all already" and books and classes and conventions are only for new people  and that you don't need to keep  learning.. This thinking will be VERY EXPENSIVE FOR YOU!

I thought it was some dammed good advice from a real pro who "walked the talk."
He should probably do a masterclass himself for being successful in the music business.

If you are a youngster reading this, we did not have cell phone cameras back in 1987 and  cameras were prohibited at the convention so I don't have any pictures ( But I did get him to autograph a napkin)
On Monday when I told all my friends at school about this, NO ONE BELIEVED ME!

Ok so the review of, "Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar," ended about 10 paragraphs ago.   I hope you  got enough unbiased information in-order for you to make a decision on this class.  I'm pretty sure you have nothing to lose. They even come with a money back guarantee so what are you waiting for?

I'd love to hear your review so why not send me an email when you complete it and tell me how much better you are with your guitar playing and overall musicianship.

PS:  GOT STAGE FRIGHT? If you have any sort of stage fright or performance anxiety issue or need more confidence in your guitar playing, I have 2 awesome programs that will help you. I also have them for singers, guitar players, bass, piano / keyboard players and drummers and other musicians too. So if you know a musician who can benefit from being fearless, in the zone and confident whenever they play their musical instrument with other people or on stage or in a recording studio, I have an awesome program for them too!  As you can tell, I'm not shy about promoting myself.

PPS: READY for that story I promised you about meeting Carlos Santana when I was a kid? 
Here you go : I remember this story in vivid detail as if it happened yesterday.  It's locked into my mind like a scene from a movie.

  In 1986 or 87 when I was in high school, my friends mom decided to take us to breakfast in a small "hole in the wall"  family restaurant in Lafayette California.  I remember clear as day that she said, "Don't be surprised if you see a famous musician here like Eddie Money or Carlos Santana or someone from the Grateful Dead." She told us that they like to eat there because it's great food, and they serve breakfast  late.

I remember thinking that  the chance of seeing any famous musician at a breakfast joint in a place like  Lafayette would be slim.

I was wrong!    As we were walking in a long haired guy with a large earring was walking out.  She said,
"That's the keyboard player  from the Grateful Dead." See I told you.    

I said, "Ok, but we wont see Eddie Money. He probably does not get up til the sun goes down!"
She laughed.  Then we entered walked toward the back of the restaurant and we walked around a slight partition and low and behold there as Carlos Santana  sitting at a table wearing  big dark sunglasses and eating a big stack of pancakes!

No way!   

At the time, my friend and I both played guitar and I worked at a local hard rock radio station and we were very excited.  He waved at my buddies mother, waved us over called to her by name in Spanish.  We came over and she introduced us.  They spoke briefly in Spanish and I remember thinking about how beautiful and poetic the language sounded  coming out of Carlos' sonorous voice.  I understood almost zero Spanish at the time and I remember specifically thinking that he was probably just  saying some kind of brief simple greeting yet it sounded like he was reciting poetry.

He was the same soft spoken man that I'd seen  interviewed on TV.  We were just star struck and all I could think to say was, "Wow she said you might be here... and, "Do you have your guitar with you?"
He laughed and said, "I didn't bring it to breakfast. I don't want to get any pancake syrup on it. It makes the guitar strings stick together."

Suddenly the quick witted teenaged DJ in me kicked in. 
"Are the strings harder to bend with maple syrup or blueberry syrup?" Hey, maybe you could do like Hendrix with that can of lighter fluid except squirt pancake syrup all over your guitar and then lick it off.... and then throw pancakes that look like sombreros into the audience!"   He and everyone within, "ear shot" laughed and
I remember him jokingly asking if I was going to be doing a breakfast comedy show and that we could go table to table like a Mariachi, except do comedy and pass the hat.  Suddenly I felt like the heavens shined a light on me and thinking, "Wow I just made Carlos Santana LAUGH!"

Carlos asked my friends mom if she had seen the guy from the Grateful Dead because he just left and she replied that we passed him in the doorway and then she told Carlos what I said about Eddie Money only waking up after he sun went down and he laughed so hard that  I thought he was going to choke on his pancakes.  A man at another table chimed in using a voice reminiscent of Vincent Price, "Eddie Money is a vampire. He only leaves his house after dark and during a full moon...." 
The restaurant was in stitches and Carlos gestured like I should pass the hat.

The waitress came to take our order and Carlos  told us how incredible the food was at this restaurant and how nice and joyful  this small family restaurant was and then he kidded that we should drive over to Eddie Money's house and bring him pancakes.  Suddenly I sang, "I've Got Two Pancakes From Paradise..."
Everyone laughed again and another patron handed me his baseball hat  and gestured at all the tables table to table, and I felt like I was in show business!

A few minutes later the food arrived and we started discussing music and I told him I played violin, trumpet and acoustic flamenco and electric guitar. I told him my parents had some Andres Segovia albums that I was learning from and he told me to also check out,  "Paco de Lucia."

Then somehow we discussed  the band "RUSH" and the song "YYZ" and he almost chocked again on his  "Huevos rancheros"  when I mentioned that it was basically "Olatunji,  Drums of Passion"  he could not believe that I knew that and then we spoke at length about "world music." He shared with us that his father also played violin and we talked about  practicing guitar and to look outside our small circle of amigos and  find musicians who are better then us and play with them even if we like different music because it will make us immediately better. 

We talked about  his songs "Black Magic Woman" and "Winning." Then there was some discussion again about breakfast and I asked him that I only knew a few words in Spanish but they were all "naughty words" so I asked him what the word in Spanish for breakfast was and that's when I learned that it was, "Desayuno" and that "Guitar"  was "Guitarra"  and music was "musica"  and suddenly I realized that I was getting both  lessons in guitar and lessons in Speaking Spanish from, Carlos Santana.  That was some breakfast! (Desayuno)

Ok, so there you have it.  I hope that you enjoyed this truthful review and these two funny stories.
If this Masterclass review of Santana's guitar course has been helpful and if you need any help overcoming your stage fright issues so that you can be a better musician, guitar player and performer, go ahead and take a look at my stage fright for guitar players  program. There is a link to it at the top of this page.  It's available in both  hard copy and digital download.

Best wishes to you and your future in music and with your guitar playing
Chris Cady
Master Hypnotist / Peak Performance Hypnotherapist and now "Born again" guitar player!

"Carlos Santana Teaches The Art and Soul of Guitar REVIEW!"

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