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Attention Comedians
Who Else Wants To Have The Confidence of a Lion Tamer
Both on And Off Stage?
If You Are A Comedian (new or experienced) And You Have Stage Fright and Confidence Issues,
Being Funny Is Not Enough.
You Also Need To Have CONFIDENCE.

It does not matter if you are just starting out in comedy or if you are a seasoned pro because if you have stage fright or performance anxiety, this

Amazing New Product Gives Any Comedian (including You) Unshakable Confidence On and Off Stage And Gets Rid of All of Your Stage Fright, Nervousness and Anxiety
Almost Instantly! So That You Can Live Your DREAM!
It Works, Quickly and Easily
All you do is LISTEN To This Amazing Hypnosis CD Specially Created For COMEDIANS!
And if it does not work, you can see it for FREE!

Being funny IS NOT enough


Comedians, I highly recommend that you read this IMMEDIATELY before your "ADD" kicks in and you get distracted by a noise, your email or a shiny watch and you forget about this...

If you were totally confident, totally relaxed and felt totally free up on stage how much better, funnier and more entertaining would you be?
If you  ever feel nervous, sick, scared, tense or like you are going to bomb and the audience is gonna hate you…
If you ever forget your material…
If you feel hesitant or timid or shy either on or off stage
It’s all because you lack confidence.

If you are a comedian or budding comedian and you feel that you can benefit from being able to
both on and off stage so that you can follow your DREAM...
This will be the most important letter you will ever read.

Here is why:

Dear fellow comedian,

What is it that top comedians have that you don't?

Money? Fame? A TV deal? Sold out shows?   Of course they do. But there is something else that most  famous comedians also have... AND... You can have it too!


Let me ask you
Would YOU like to
Have ZERO Stage Fright!
Have all of the confidence of a LION TAMER!
Be Totally focused and IN THE ZONE when you are on stage!
Feel  totally  confident on stage and in any situation!
Eliminate any feelings of anxiety, tension or fear that you may have about performing, “going blank”  auditioning or speaking with people.

How Would You Like To

Remember all of your material perfectly.
Always see, hear and feel yourself  having a great set before each show instead of worrying that you won’t?
Radiate so much confidence and personal charisma  that you practically “make” the audience love you from the moment that you step foot on stage.

Have new material just flow to you and flow perfectly on stage  because you are not  afraid to fail.
Have confidence in yourself when it comes to booking shows and getting paid.

If this sounds like traits that you feel would benefit you as a comedian


Because all of these traits can EASILY BE YOURS!

And I am here to help you because just like me…

You have a DREAM!
Chances are that you are reading this because either you are a budding  comedian, dreaming of setting foot on stage for the first time and you are scared silly or you are a gigging comedian (paid or not) who is being held back by feelings of anxiety, lack of confidence, stage fright, insecurity, fear or failure, self doubt or some other negative emotion that is holding you back from achieving your DREAM..

Let's face it
When we are on stage,
We are live without a net

When you first start performing comedy, everyone needs improvement. Some folks are terrible and some are down right horrible but we all have a DREAM! Even once you “get good,” everyone has a “bad set” and when you are bombing, feelings of insecurity can overtake and destroy you and ruin your set and your night and then it becomes easy to get into a horrible funk and sometimes this horrible funk becomes disabling and turns your DREAM into a nightmare.


There is one difference  between those who throw in the towel and  quit and give up on their DREAM  and end up living a life of  regret, and go through life saying, “I coulda and I shoulda”

And those who get back on stage and get better and follow their DREAM.
The difference is not looks, it is not luck, in fact its not really even talent.

The difference is CONFIDENCE! 

Even after you are successful, thoughts of fear, self -doubt, nervousness and anxiety, stage freight, fear of failure and rejection can  ruin your set and hold you back both in your career and in your personal life....

You see

The one thing that all GREAT performers  have in common is that they are CONFIDENT on stage!
Chris Rock, Robin Williams,  Letterman, Jay Leno, Letterman, Larry The Cable Guy, Seinfeld, Jim Carey, Kevin Heart, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan

Some of them do it naturally and for some of them this self-confidence came over time or through working with a  therapist or a coach like me.

Then there are comedians who do not have confidence and never figured out how to get it.
These are the comedians who die of a drug overdose or they quit and gave up on their DREAM

But you do not have to give up on YOUR DREAM. You don't have to let your current lack of confidence, Your anxiety, negative insecure feelings or stage fright hold you back.  Because YOU are here. Right here right now learning about the most powerful tool in the world ever developed  for people and especially for comedians.

“This CD is exactly what the doc ordered. I am a professional stand up comic and I used to get overwhelmed with anxiety before an audition or TV appearance. After using this CD  2 times all of my pre show jitters  drained away and now I  just  feel excited instead of nervous. I no longer go blank and everything  flows perfectly.  Plus “little things like noises” that used to disturb me no longer throw me off.”
(Name withheld by request)

It’s called HYPNOSIS!

Yes it’s better for your nerves and your courage than a shot of vodka. It’s better than any cigarette, or anxiety medications, its better then smoking 2 joints.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool that WORKS! I'm living proof of it and I will prove it to you.
You see
I'm living my DREAM

You see my name is Chris Cady and I'm a Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist and I also perform comedy hypnosis shows world-wide for casinos, resorts, colleges, high schools, companies, conventions, fairs and private events.

This was and still is my DREAM and every time I perform, I get another chance to step into this dream and experience a dream that most people only get to dream about.

I have performed for every type of audience big and small, as many as 10,000 people and as little as 8. I have performed for
the drunkest bucktoothed  hillbillies ever put on Earth. I'm talking a room full of guys who look like Larry The Cable Guys retarded brother, “Elmer The Outhouse Cleaner Guy” (just picture that bar from the Blues Brothers and you will know the audience I’m talking about) But due to my high level of CONFIDENCE ended up performing some of the funniest shows ever.

And YOU WILL  too!

I have performed for casino and  night club audiences, and  for conservative church and high school kids, and retired folks…. Military, cops…I have performed for entertainment industry people who don’t laugh out loud and I have performed for high testosterone football players  who try to intimidate the entertainer. I have even entertained audiences made up of 100% women.  I have even performed  for a notorious motorcycle club and you might too ( but you really have to be confident to do this kind of gig because being dragged behind a motorcycle is not a lot of fun)

You name it, I have performed for that group. I’m not telling you this to impress you but rather to impress upon you that YOU WILL TOO and I strongly feel that it was the ULTRA HIGH LEVELS OF CONFIDENCE that allowed me to be successful in these situations.

No matter who is in the audience, no matter how many folks are there, no matter what the conditions are when I step out on to stage and LIVE MY DREAM…

And you can too!

Why I Developed This Program and why it will work for even YOU!

In general I am a very confident man. Even though I have a “baby face” and I don't look like a “tough guy”  Internally I feel like a U.S. Marine, or a pro wrestler, boxer or a lion tamer. I'm not saying that I am as physically tough as these type of men. I assure you that I am not.  Physical strength is not important in our business.  What I am saying is that this  is how I internally feel. Especially when I am on stage. No matter what the circumstances.

But it was not always this way for me.

There were times when negative feelings of nervousness, stress, anxiety, insecurity, fear of bombing or going blank  would enter my head and  I would be unfocused or “thrown off course” due to things that were happening in my personal life or that had to do with  the environment of the show, the size or type of the audience, bad sound, a bad stage, or a really wonderful stage or something said to me by someone earlier that day, my fatigue from traveling or the fact that I was showcasing for industry folks or critics and I'd become worried that I might  bomb in front of  people who could determine my fate.

I knew that I had to do something about it and I knew that I would have to be the one to fix myself if I was going to continue to live my DREAM. If you have fear and anxiety issues you will too.
So here is what I did...  HYPNOSIS!
The same way that hypnosis helps people to reduce stress, stop smoking or change any other unwanted behavior by changing the way that you think, and  feel  about it at a sub-conscious level. I decided to create a program specifically for COMEDIANS.

It does not matter that I'm a Stage Hypnotist and you are probably a stand up comedian. What matters is that we both get out on stage live without a net and we both talk and we both risk massive failure or achieve massive success based on  a variety of factors, many of which are out of our control.
However the one thing we CAN control is our CONFIDENCE which I believe determines our performance and 99% of the outcome of our show.

So here is what I did: 
From scratch I created a hypnosis CD / mp3 program that deals specifically with the pre- show and onstage issues that comedians face. (I mentioned them earlier. )
It also  addresses all of the fears about rejection that comedians face both on and off stage as well as social, business interaction  and money.
As you well know its easy for insecure, negative thoughts of fear, and self doubt  to invade your head. Unfortunately us “creative types” seem to attract these thoughts the way an electromagnet attracts metal. 

This happens because

your mind is like a giant computer and your body is like a robot and all it does is respond to the commands given to it by the computer. And whatever you think about or focus on is inputted into your computer. So if you
are like most comedians you probably have a lot of baggage and past pain and because of this you may have low self esteem or lack confidence in yourself and in a nutshell your  mind is basically wired to attract
  negative wimpy anxious thoughts of fear, self doubt etc and so  your body  responds in this way  and your voice may sound weak or wimpy and your hands might tremble and your voice shake and your heart might race and you might sweat or  go blank or stumble or deliver your lines in an odd way or you might stand in a way that looks  timid and apprehensive and as a result of all of this you project fear and  weakness to the audience.

On the other hand if you think confident thoughts and calming thoughts,  you get into what athletes call “ the zone” and everything just jells and you can improv like crazy, and handle any situation and
your body responds very differently and you tend to stand taller and smile and your voice projects dominance and clarity and the audience responds more positively to you. Naturally this does not guarantee that they are going to laugh. But it does significantly improve your chances of  connecting with the audience and delivering a better performance and them liking you, and it significantly reduces the chances of anyone heckling you.

Here is how it works

I originally developed this program to help  give myself a boost of confidence whenever I needed it and it worked like magic in giving me super hero like confidence right before shows.   I used to listen to this program nightly at bedtime and it

It worked like a MAGIC PILL!

These days  I am so totally programmed and conditioned for confidence that a few seconds before I step out on stage, all I do is say a few magic words to myself (that come from this program)  take a few breaths,  put a  giant Chris Rock sized smile on my face and  a  title wave of CONFIDENCE comes over me  and BAM I hit the stage!

I say my opening line and when I hear and feel the first wave of laughter from the audience my confidence doubles and on rare occasion when my opening line “bombs” instead of being overcome with feelings of worry and fear and insecurity  I make an immediate adjustment and I charge forward!
So now that you know all of this, here's what you will do if you get this amazing program.


Simply listen to this CD or mp3 program as part of a nap or during your regular bedtime. While beautiful soft relaxing music plays in the background you will tune in to the sound of my calm, soothing, relaxing voice and you will quickly become very, very relaxed and you will go into hypnosis.

You will hear everything that I say and soon your mind will accept the suggestions that will allow you to gain all the confidence that you need, want and desire to entertain any audience!  You will be  amazed by how quickly your negative disempowering thoughts and feelings turn into empowering ones, how your mind  stays calm, how things that would normally throw you off no longer bother you at all and how much more focused you are. As well, all of your new found confidence will remain with you  even off stage and you will see an overall improvement in your life because you will be  able to   conduct business by phone or in person, speak to people off stage and in social and business situations.

Here is more of what will happen to you.

Just by listening to “The Super Self Confidence For Comedians CD"
You’ll be able to gain complete and total confidence on stage and in any situation.
You will be totally confident in any audition or competitive situation.
You will eliminate any feelings or anxiety, tension or fear that you may have about performing or speaking with people.

You will RADIATE charisma and confidence

You will always see, hear and feel yourself having a great set before each show.

You will have zero stage fright! Instead you will feel excitement!

You will be automatically, “in the zone”

Your improv skills will improve significantly.

Your audience will love you.

It will be easier for you to write and perform new material because you will not be afraid to fail.

You will be more confident when it comes to booking shows and getting paid
And YES it will really work for you regardless of your age or your looks or your past failures and negative experiences or your present ability.


So if you are still reading this I hope that you understand just how important having super self confidence is to your career as a comedian.  Being funny isn’t enough to help you live your DREAM.

You will need CONFIDENCE!

SO  remember  the Super Self Confidence for Comedians CD worked like magic for me and it will work for you too.
You will notice a big difference immediately in your performance.

And if it doesn’t work I’ll REFUND 100% OF YOUR MONEY!

Here's a quick story about a comedian who I worked with personally on overcoming stage fright
Using My
Stage Fright For Stand Up Comedians Program

I met a Stand up comedian in San Francisco who  told me that he  could only perform his set if he focused  his eyes and all of his attention on the very back of the room  at a point right above the  heads of the audience. If he actually looked at anyone he would freeze up and "go blank" or stammer and stutter.  I hypnotized him and got him to  associate eye contact and  facial expressions with acceptance from the audience. After he was able to do this, he was immediately able to  make eye contact and smile at people in the comedy club. Soon after  he stopped  reciting his material from memory as if it were a record and he started delivering his material like he was interacting with his audience as if they were good FRIENDS.
  NOTE:  I have successfully hypnotized many stand up comedians and public speakers for the same issue.

Remember HERE IS MY

If at ANY TIME you feel that it stops working for you or if it ever wears out, or breaks, I will replace it or refund all of your money!

Yes really, If this CD doesn’t work for you for any reason simply send it back ANY TIME for a FULL REFUND! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Here's why: I got in to this profession to help people, not just to sell CDs. If the CD doesn't work for you then I'm not helping you.

I take all the risk. - Not you!

The CD will be sent in a discreet box with only my return address. There is no packaging to embarrass you.
HOWEVER  MP3 downloads are non returnable because you cant return a download.
If you were totally confident, totally relaxed and felt totally free up on stage how much better, funnier and more entertaining  would you be?

If you  ever feel nervous, sick, scared, tense or like your going to bomb and the audience is gonna hate you…
If you ever forget your material…

If you feel hesitant..
It’s all because you lack confidence.

Being funny IS NOT enough


Follow your dream, follow your passion... Be AMAZING and CLICK ON THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON and  pay  with your credit card 

self confidence for comedians eliminate stage fright performance anxiety
Read some of the testimonials from Comedians Who Purchased
The No Stage Fright Super Self Confidence For Comedians Program.

“I Met Hypnotist Chris Cady after I completed a multi week comedy class and was TERRIFIED of going on stage for the first time. Chris hypnotized me so that I would refocus my overwhelming thoughts of failure into thoughts total confidence and success. 30 minutes later I was so relaxed and pumped up with confidence
That I could not wait to get on stage and rehearse.  This was the first time I felt really good and confident about my newly written material. Then at my first show which was the graduating night for the class,  just before I was called out on stage I did what Chris said to me while I was hypnotized and  all I can say was, WOW!
I FELT LIKE SUPER WOMAN! All of my thoughts and words flowed perfectly and the audience laughed and laughed and laughed!” (Name withheld by request)

Here is a nice testimonial from a young English Comedian
Jamie Shefford, of Oxford England

"Hey Chris, your “Confidence for Comedians Hypnosis CD worked really well for me
  I just wanna say a big thank you for making this CD, it's unbelievable how much I have changed within the last month.
Before using your CD I was  to scared to go to a club or bar without drinking before hand.
 Last night was the first time I have ever gone  out at  night, without leaving the house “pissed” ( drunk), I had such a good night without even drinking,  making loads of people in the bar laugh was a nice feeling and I made some new friends, I even got a girls number, I feel it has calmed me down and I no longer have bad feelings.
Follow up 1/14/2016
Hey Chris , I got your confidence for comedians i think about Nov 2014 just when I was trying to get over serious depression the same sort of time I tried MDMA Because I saw a tv program on channel 4 called drugs live , which help people with depression and PTSD.  But when I got  your “Confidence For Comedians CD” it helped stop the bad thoughts  then I stopped my meds and just used your CD and within about 2 months later I  was fully better.
 Also I no longer have to listen to it every day, but if I’m feeling a bit down I might put it on and I feel confident to go and perform a set."
Jamie Shefford, Oxford U.K.
( Note: I normally do not reprint letters that are this personal but he gave me his permission.)

Here is a testimonial from Australian Comedian, Cameron Box
"Your Confidence For Comedians Program Was a Success For Me!"
"I was a frustrated comic who wrote a lot of material but who suffered from crippling social anxiety that stopped me from getting on stage. In February of last year I learned about your program by googling "hypnosis to overcome fear for stand up comedy"
After using the CD I had the confidence to do my first 5 minute standup spot and it went really well. It has given me the confidence to get started and move forward in my
comedy career."
Thank You,
Cameron Box, Victoria Australia

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