disc jockeys karaoke hosts overcome stage fright
If you are a Disc Jockey or Karaoke Host and you have Stage Fright, Mic Shyness, or Mic Fright
Whenever you speak on a microphone
either on your own or in front of people,
I have the solution that YOU need.
...And  right now the one thing that is stopping you from being confident on a microphone is... YOU!
I will help you change that.

How Would You Like To Be The Only DJ or Karaoke Host in Your Town Who Can
walk into any room, grab the mic,  stop hiding and step out from behind the DJ booth, table, speakers or your karaoke monitor stand

Speak On A Microphone With Confidence, Authority and Power!

How would you
like to at LEAST
be able to CONFIDENTLY
make any sort of announcement from behind or even in front of your DJ facade or table or booth
or even step out on the stage or  dance floor and  giveaway a prize, teach a dance or a game or just be able to speak  on a microphone

YOU WILL BE BOLD AND  IN CHARGE, not the audience, not anyone else.

If you can read an 'Unusual' but SHORT book that is EASY TO READ and EASY TO UNDERSTAND
and then take 33 minutes to listen to an unusual hypnosis CD or MP3 at night while you sleep. It's Actually EASY!
This "How To Beat Stage Fright For DJs and Karaoke Hosts" Program Works Almost INSTANTLY!
(And IF I'm wrong you get to see it for FREE)

I have a  really great process that removes all fear and empowers DJs / KJs to use a microphone and speak with confidence and power or even dance, while standing out in front of your facades, cases or tables.

After you use my  Eliminate Mic Fright / Stage Fright program

Be Able To Speak or Sing on a Microphone Because



You Will get rid of more FEAR & become more RELAXED & CONFIDENT speaking on a microphone,  making any announcements, singing karaoke standing out IN FRONT of your DJ booth, or even teaching dances after 1 hour with my program then you will in ONE YEAR of lessons, classes, rehearsing, Toastmasters, DJ gigs or other practicing with "speaking groups or speakers clubs."

Right before I go up on stage, I emotionally “flip a switch” and  I essentially step into a superman suit where I have no fear, no doubt, no hesitation that I can fly.    I know that if I "leap  the net will appear...."

Hey DJ,
Now  that I have your attention
check this out!

If stage fright / mic fright is holding you back as a DJ or karaoke host, this will be the most important  letter that you ever  read.

Here is why

How Would You Like To Instantly “Flip a Switch”
Flip off
Stage Fright / Mic Fright
Feelings of Nervousness, Paralyzing Feelings of Fear, Pressure, Anxiety, Self Doubt, That Results in You Having Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety and “choking” on Stage
And Instead

Flip On
Self Confidence, and Power

So That You Can  Eliminate All of Your FEARS And Get Up on Stage Or At Least Come Out From Behind Your

DJ Gear and

Speak into a microphone

The Way That You Do In Your Dreams.
If this interests you as a Disc Jockey or Karaoke Host
I Have The Quick and Easy Solution That YOU Need!

I will start by saying this.

Most DJs are living their FEARS instead of  living their DREAMS!

If you are any kind of  DJ or a Karaoke host and you are being  held back  because you have mic fright, stage fright or performance anxiety. You really owe it to yourself to  GET OVER IT

Fortunately there is a solution which is
Quick, Easy and Safe
Its called
"DJs and Karaoke Hosts
How To
Eliminate Stage Fright and Speak With
Confidence and Power"
It works like magic and its not as weird as you might think.

It is the absolute best product on the market for helping DJs and karaoke hosts quickly get over their stage fright
and if you take 5 minutes to read this  letter. It will be the most important letter that you ever read

Here is why

Before I became a full time hypnotist, I was a DJ and I hosted Karaoke.

Before I became a DJ,  I was in school and I was always involved with music and the performing arts.  I played a variety of instruments, I acted in theater, I had a lot of onstage experience...  then professionally I started as a radio DJ in 1985.   I worked at  KVHS - FM and at KKIS-FM. Both were in Concord California.

I was great on the air and felt very comfortable and totally confident and dominant (even cocky) but whenever I was hired to speak at a live broadcast or to mc an event, introduce a band or make an announcement using a mic in front of people. I would be TERRIFIED!

While working in radio, I started to DJ weddings and I also was a DJ in a few night clubs, then I became a DJ / karaoke host on a cruise ship.  I LOVED that job but the hardest part for me was talking on the mic while  people watched me.

I wanted to fix this stage fright problem so
I spoke with many entertainers looking for advice on how to eliminate stage fright, but they were not much help.  Then I took a public speaking class and it did nothing to take away my fear.  I worked with an acting coach but he did not help much either.

I consulted with stand up comedians one of whom you may have heard of,  Jay Leno. Yes really, Jay Leno. He was not famous at the time so he was approachable in a comedy club.    Jays advice was  basically the Nike motto, "Just Do it."   Then he told me that the more you perform, the less afraid you will be.

He was only partially right...

When I met  famous radio DJ's Wolf Man Jack and Dick Clark, they pretty much told me the same thing.

When I met Ronnie James DIO,  Brian Johnson from ACDC, James Brown, Guns N Roses and a host of other rock musicians they  gave me advice that  also helped a wee bit but certainly was not  "THE" solution.

That didn't help me much with relaxing and feeling CONFIDENT with a microphone so I spoke with several other well known radio DJs. All of them told me that public speaking was a problem for them that's why they were on the radio.   So time went by and  just like Jay Leno said, " I just did it, speaking every weekend  on the microphone while DJing at weddings.  But my stage fright only got a little bit better.   I found that if I focused on the exit sign at the back of the room when I made announcements, I was a bit less fearful.  But it was not the real solution that I desired.

What I really wanted was the CONFIDENCE AND FEARLESSNESS  of a rock singer or a game show host, so that I could step out on stage or walk around the room fearlessly and make announcements  on a mic and just be fun and confident with the microphone.

I just kept at it and I was still scared. Then I started hosting karaoke and something odd happened. I noticed that as long as I was making an announcement I was confident. But if I sang, I'd get scared.  If I stood behind the karaoke  monitor stand or a speaker I'd  be less scared and I would get through it, but I just couldn't  seem to bring my body out from behind a table or a speaker because the  DJ table or speaker felt like protection. 

Also, no matter what the situation I didn't feel

Time went by and I became involved in hypnosis. I went to school for it, and studied it extensively. I trained with  very high level Peak Performance Hypnotherapists who were top in the hypnosis world and worked with, "world class" athletes and performers.  

Eventually I learned how to apply many of  the same confidence building and fear elimination techniques that work for athletes who use  hypnosis, to getting rid of performance anxiety and STAGE FRIGHT.

Soon I was able to actually ELIMINATE ALL  of my FEAR over using the mic. In fact I came to feel VERY comfortable and VERY CONFIDENT AND FEARLESS when speaking or singing with the mic.

This is why I am able to help

Disc Jockeys With Stage fright and Mic Fright

Since then

I have helped many radio, night club and mobile DJs and kjs who have stage fright or mic fright
and I can help YOU too!

I know that you will be skeptical so I will share  a few stories with you so that you can decide  if you want my help with your stage fright / mic fright / performance anxiety  issue...

A few years ago I had an ongoing hypnosis show in a hotel casino in Lake Tahoe.

A well known techno rave type band was playing across the street from my
showroom and the DJ came to me for Stage Fright. He had heard of me through another DJ  who I helped with stage fright / mic fright and he told me that as long as he was behind his DJ rig he was confident. He liked the IDEA of coming out from behind his turntables / DJ  rig and his facade but the IDEA of coming out from behind  the protection of the turntables / DJ facade was as far as he could go.  He could not actually make his body move in the direction of the front of the stage toward the audience. He said that it was as if there were some invisible force field that kept him back there.  He said that after all, he was a DJ and not a dancer or a singer or a front man.  He said that he felt like being in front of his DJ turntables was like a soldier coming out from behind a bunker or a brick wall. He actually wished that he could hide more.

When we discussed how this was an irrational feeling because no one was going to be shooting at him he laughed but said he felt equally as vulnerable and he was not sure what to do with his body or his hands or feat since he was a terrible dancer.  So he stayed back behind his DJ turn tables hiding. Even at the end of the shows when the group took their bow, he would just stand there and scratch records and wave one hand while scratching with the other and nod his head.  

So I hypnotized him and got him to FEEL at a subconscious level that he was as safe and confident and in charge  and in command in front of the DJ rig as he was behind it and that coming out from behind his DJ facade did offer protection but rather it blocked the LOVE from the audience and it blocked the connection with the audience and and it blocked the magical flow of energy with the audience. I got him so he could feel the music throughout his body and move his whole body to the beat.

Then I had a fun experimental idea and I put on some  high energy dance music and  said the following words
from  Miami Sound Machine's “Conga” 

While he was hypnotized,
I said to him
“Shake Your body do the conga. You know you can't control yourself any longer, feel the rhythm getting stronger don't fight it til you tried it. Do that conga beat, don't worry  if you can't dance let the music move your feet.”
Now as silly as this may sound. IT WORKED!

It was really incredible to  watch this  DJ who had told me he had no dance skills begin dancing wildly.  ( I used this technique again successfully in another session that I will tell you about later)  The results were that starting immediately he was able to come out from behind the “protective wall” of the DJ facade  with  CONFIDENCE at the end of the show and take a bow with the group.  He also started dancing while he was out on stage. Keep in mind, I am not a dance teacher or a choreographer. I just freed him up in his mind to feel safe and comfortable and confident to  “move to the groove.”    

He also told me that he's much happier and he really FEELS THE MUSIC NOW.

More on DJS
I have hypnotized  many DJs who can speak on a microphone when they are alone in a studio but are terrified to speak on a mic in front of people. They are also  terrified of getting out on the dance floor and teaching a line dance, teaching a game,  or making any sort of  announcement from in front of their DJ cases. I have a  really great process that I go through with DJs which removes all fear and empowers them to use a microphone and speak with confidence and power while standing out in front of their cases or tables. They can even,  host an event get out  on the dance floor, teach line dances and even dance if they want to.

So now that you read this far
here is the deal as far as this program working for you as a DJ or Karaoke Host.

It does not matter if you get a mild case of jitters and nerves before and during a gig or  or if you are so nervous that you feel like your are gonna get thrown out of an airplane...

If you can read a small EASY to  read book
and then
If you've got 33 minutes to listen to a CD or mp3 download  at night as you go to sleep.
I will take away all of your stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can get up on a stage and speak or even sing into a microphone, with COMMANDING CONFIDENCE!

It Works Almost INSTANTLY!
(YES Even for YOU!)
(And IF I'm wrong you get to hear it for FREE)

I'm the guy who can help you because I used to have a major problem with Stage Fright

But not anymore. I have overcome Stage Fight / Performance Anxiety in a major way.  Prior to discovering these amazing techniques my level of pre-show and on-stage anxiety was “off the charts” at times it was even paralyzing  but these days its the exact opposite because I have turned  nervous energy  and anxiety into ROCKET FUEL

These days

   right before I go up on stage I emotionally “flip a switch” and  I essentially step into a superman suit where I have no fear, no doubt, no hesitation that I can fly.    I know that if I  leap  the net will appear....

when I step up  on stage I am a LION TAMER!

I am in charge, not the audience, not anyone else.

When I step on stage, I  step into a DREAM. 

But  I know that most DJs, Karaoke Hosts step into a NIGHTMARE.

This is why if you came here  really looking to get rid of your stage fright / mic fright /  performance anxiety

I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.

Thats why I offer a 100%  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
This way if you feel that this program does not take away all of your stage fright / performance anxiety / mic fright and give you all of the SELF CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS THAT YOU WANT on and off stage in your DJ, karaoke or speaking, singing,  or performing, simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price. (minus shipping and handling)
I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% confident that it will work for you!
NOTE:  Refunds are for  actual hard copies of books and CDs because you can't return a "download"
So why not get over your stage fright / mic Mr. DJ?
Get ahead start in making all of your
performing on stage dreams COME TRUE

DJS and Karaoke Hosts How To
Eliminate Stage Fright and Speak With
Confidence and Power


chris cady DJ Dick Clark and DJ Stevevie P
DJS and Karaoke Hosts How To
Eliminate Stage Fright and Mic Fright and Speak With
Confidence and Power

Available as a digital E-book and Mp3 Download  or as a printed book and CD.
djs karaoke hosts how to eliminate stage fright and mic fright and speak with confidence and power
radio dj wolfman jack and dj chris cady
Chris Cady With DJ Dick Clark and DJ Steve
Disc Jockeys who have ZERO STAGE FRIGHT

Here I am with Wolf Man Jack ( I'm on the right)  who was a famous Rock and Roll radio DJ.
I got great insight from Wolf about beating  stage fright / mic fright for DJ's and for having a certain mindset  when I speak to people that I use every time I get behind a microphone alone or when I get on a stage so that I speak with zero STAGE FRIGHT.
It does not matter if you are a DJ or just want to give a speech. You will benefit greatly in your speaking, DJ, recording or  performing, skills from this advice. You will speak with CONFIDENCE AND POWER
and all of your performance anxiety will vanish!
stage fright performance hypnotist chris cady on stage

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