drummers how to eliminate stage fright
Attention Drummers

Got Stage Fright?

Want To Get Rid of It?

If you play the drums
and you want to BEAT performance anxiety and stage fright
so that you can be

and become a DOMINANT FORCE on
Stage Whenever YOU

I will help you (and practically make you)  Get Rid of All of YOUR
FEAR, Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety So that you can walk into any room or recording studio or step onto any stage and get behind your drums and

You will do it because


Fear and Anxiety Into EXCITEMENT and Confidence!
Once You Do This YOU Will
Go Further In Your Drumming Skills Than You've Ever Gone Before
It Works Almost INSTANTLY!
(YES Even for YOU!)
(And IF I'm wrong you get to hear it for FREE)
If this sounds good to you keep on reading.
Hey Drummers,
How Would You Like To Instantly
“Flip a Switch”
Flip off
Stage Fright
Feelings of Nervousness, Paralyzing Feelings of Fear, Pressure, Anxiety, Self Doubt, Over Analyzing, & Making a Mistake and Having To Be Perfect That Results in You Having Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety and “choking” On Your Drums on Stage or in a Studio
And Instead
Flip On
Self Confidence, Focus, Certainty, Calmness, Power
So That You  Can  Eliminate All of Your Fears And Get Up on Stage And
Play Your Drums
The Way That You Do In Your Dreams..
If this interests you as a drummer

I Have The Quick and Easy Solution That YOU Need!

It does not matter if you get a mild case of jitters and nerves before and during a gig or or if you are so nervous that you feel like your are gonna get thrown out of an airplane...

If you can read a SHORT, EASY book and then  take 33 minutes to listen to a CD OR MP3 download at night as you go to sleep.
I will take away all of your stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can play drums on a stage or in a studio and as well (or better) as you do when you practice.

Fortunately there is a solution that  is
Quick, Easy and Safe
Its called
It works like magic and its not as weird as you might think.

This is Real HYPNOSIS
And All You Do Is Listen

Before I explain how it all works, I first want you to see what this new amazing program will do for you and how it will  make you overcome your stage fright.

Here is what it
will do for YOU

(never the timid, nervous, anxious you.)

Here's how it works and why it will help you achieve greatness with your music and your drumming on and off stage.

Here's a quick story about a few drummers who I helped with hypnosis

Drummer With Stage Fright

Fear of Forgetting How To Play The Drums

A very experienced drummer who plays live on an almost nightly basis, and has played professionally in several bands and has recorded on several well known albums told me that  had an irrational fear that he would suddenly "forget how to play his drums, during the middle of a show."

It didn't really hold him back musically but thinking this way bothered him and he didn't know why this  ridiculous, fearful thought came up all the time.  So he came to me and  I hypnotized him and in a nutshell  this thought came from FEAR and from  not believing in himself. So  the very easy to understand  version of what I did for him was that I  hypnotized him to basically always, " trust in himself" and to focus on CONFIDENCE!   After our session he never had the irrational fear of "forgetting how to  play his drums" ever again.

A Drummers Stage Fright Pre-Show Anxiety

A  well known experienced drummer bought my program who told me that he  could play fine in rehearsals but was TERRIFIED to stand up or to come out behind his drums when on stage and wanted to finally "get over it" so that people would  actually know who he was and  that he was in a band.   He said that his problem was getting attention and being  looked at and that  for years he felt safe because he could stick the symbols in front of his face and just hide from the audience. 

He used my program and  very quickly turned his shyness into BOLDNESS!  After spending a few weeks using my  "Eliminate Stage Fright For Drummers Program." He moved his symbols away from his face and started standing up after his drum solos and actually started coming out from behind his drum kit  for a bow and now he  loves the  spot light and he tells me that he kind of feels like, "Tommy Lee from Motely Crue."  He is now  enjoying attention when he plays live and he enjoys  that people recognize and enjoy him and his drumming.

A Drummers Anxiety

A drummer who also played guitar told me that his drumming skills and his guitar playing skills  were pretty  good but that he was TERRIFIED to play in front of other people so he would not  audition for a band, came to me asking for help so that he could  follow his dreams and play drums professionally. I hypnotized him for CONFIDENCE and to eliminate fear of  rejection and he immediately  began auditioning and got into a band.

A drummer came to me who played in a band that gigged 1-2 times  a month.  He was a great drummer completely confident on stage. But he was a high stress guy who was a perfectionist.  The week of a show he would be stressed out. One of his concerns was that  some of his other band members were not very proficient and did not practice enough and he was afraid that  they would sound poorly when they performed.  There were other issues but basically this drummer worried and stressed out about all of them.  As a result of excess worry and stress he would always catch a cold or get injured the week of the show.   To me it was a psychosomatic  illness. I hypnotized him to be relaxed and confident and assured that everything would go as smoothly as it did in rehearsal.  He immediately stopped  catching colds and getting injured the week of a show.

Why I can help YOU Too!

I'm the guy who can help you because I used to have a major problem with Stage Fright

But not anymore. I have overcome Stage Fight / Performance Anxiety in a major way.  Prior to discovering these amazing techniques my level of pre-show and on-stage anxiety was “off the charts” at times it was even paralyzing  but these days its the exact opposite because I have turned  nervous energy  and anxiety into ROCKET FUEL.

Ever since I figured out how to do this,  the night before a show, I sleep like a baby. I wake up excited and motivated. Then throughout the day  I am confidently calm, happy and excited. If I have other responsibilities I can stay focused on them without having any fearful  thoughts entering my head.  Then once I get to the gig and I'm  back stage I'm mentally calm but excited and I'm in a great mood and I can't wait for the curtain to open. 

   right before I go up on stage I emotionally “flip a switch” and  I essentially step into a superman suit where I have no fear, no doubt, no hesitation that I can fly.    I know that if I  leap  the net will appear....

when I step up  on stage I am a LION TAMER!

I am in charge, not the audience, not anyone else.

When I step on stage, I  step into a DREAM. 

But  I know that most drummers step into a NIGHTMARE.

This is why if you  are a drummer and you came here  really looking to get rid of your stage fright / performance anxiety

I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.

Here is why

Let me start by saying this: Most people are living their fears instead of living their dreams. (That includes drummers)

If that's you, I can help.

Every drummer knows that there is no substitute for practice

Even if your DREAMS came true and all of your drummer heroes came to LIVE with you. All of your time spent rehearsing with them won't amount to squat if you are being held back by the inhibiting feelings of Stage Fright.

In the event you  didn't know,  Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety are the exact same thing emotionally.

You see, when a drummer suffers from stage fright. All of the chemicals released in your brain and body from anxiety act like a giant dam and block you from getting in tune with that magic part of your brain that holds all of your creativity, confidence and memory and muscle memory from countless hours of drum practice.

Its evil and it will keep you from achieving all of your musical dreams.

Your self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to focus and relax will have a large effect on your learning, creating drumming and performing.

Self-confidence is the energy source of your personality. Your level of self confidence precedes and predicts your behavior and how you interact with your other people, and musicians and your audience. It determines your levels of creativity, enthusiasm and personal magnetism and charisma. Drummers with high self-esteem are more positive, more likable and more effective with their subject matter or music and every part of their lives.

Your self confidence will effect how you “talk” through your drums or to your audience and how you speak and  perform. That’s why it is critical to keep your self confidence high and positive on a continuing basis in every area of your life. Especially  when you play your drums ON STAGE.

You've probably already know from experience that when you have Stage Fright and there is nervousness, fear and anxiety running through your veins, even though you've practiced and you know your drum parts, you automatically tighten up, freeze up mentally and emotionally and you perform horribly.

But when your mind is calm, confident, focused, clear and free of nervousness, that's when
you play your drums with great feeling and heart and soul from that spiritual place where there is no mental chatter and everything flows beautifully. This is how all the great musicians do it night after night.

Ever hear Neil Peart? How about James Kottak? or Alex Van Halen or Lars Ulrich?

Its confidence and focus that got them to keep improving their drumming skills. Its their confidence and focus that allowed them to get up on stage and still tap into the super creative part of their brain and got that magic to flow  Its FOCUS that kept them from being distracted.

And its a combination of both that allowed them to be confidently calm, block out distractions and eliminate all the anxiety and nervousness that causes stage fright / performance anxiety.

That's why If you want to play your drums or sing or play any instrument and  perform dynamically onstage 

you need to have your BRAIN on your side!
Once You Train Yourself  To Do This Automatically

It does not matter where you are in your life right now or in your DRUMMING  skills. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, child or an adult. It does not matter if you have just been dreaming about playing your drums  in front of people but you are too scared or if you are a pro, because having very high levels of SELF-CONFIDENCE and FOCUS will help you get what you want out of life both on and off stage.

So If you have stage fright,  and you wanna get rid of it...Here's how you fix it.

First of all,

Booze will not make it go away, neither will smoking or taking medications. ( legal or illegal) Neither will overdosing on practicing or rehearsing. If this were true, you'd never hear stories about seasoned drummers who have stage fright or performance anxiety.

Here is How To Use This Amazing CD or Mp3 Download
For Beating Stage Fright

Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones
You will tune into the sound of my soft gentle hypnotic voice speaking to you while soothing  music plays gently in the background. You will hear everything that I say as I guide you through a wonderful, very peaceful relaxation process where you will completely relax your mind and body. You will quickly drift off into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis. During this time I give your subconscious mind wonderful instructions for letting go of nervousness, fear, anxiety and all of your inhibitions about speaking or performing  in front of people and replace those negative thoughts with empowering thoughts for having UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS in every area of your life but especially in your  drumming.

This way every time that you think of yourself as musician / drummer all of your thoughts will be those of confidence, focus, relaxation and a belief in yourself that you CAN DO IT and that you've got what it takes to perform  at your best in any situation. This way whenever you are in a recording studio or  set foot on a stage you wake up the creative confident genius inside and you automatically play drums from that magical spiritual place that makes memorable performances.

When you read this book and begin using this CD OR MP3 for drummers

Most people will notice an immediate improvement in their drumming  
before and during any performance large or small any “nerves or jitters” have been redirected into confidence and EXCITEMENT! You'll play drums  the way that you know that you SHOULD be. You'll perform as the MAXIMUM YOU. The one who is playing and performing from that magical special, spiritual place. Not the nervous, you.

However no matter how much more confident, relaxed, focused and FEARLESS that you become, you should listen every night for 30 nights so that you have plenty of reinforcement. (You can also listen a few hours before any show, rehearsal or recording session if you want to. However you will quickly discover that you won't need it anymore because being CONFIDENT, FEARLESS  AND FOCUSED will quickly be your new way of thinking and behaving.

Skeptical? Here's How it Works

Why Hypnosis Eliminates Stage Fright and  Works To Make You a Better Drummer. If you are really  skeptical, if you think that this is some New Agey b.s. or if you just feel a need for more information before you buy this program, I wrote this next part just for you.

I'm going to take this very scientific topic of hypnosis and make it very easy for you to understand so that you can make a wise decision without being bored to death with medical mumbo jumbo.

Here we go

Your brain is a giant computer and your body is like a robot. All your body does is follow the instructions given to it by the computer.

Get it?

Your computer (your brain) tells your robot (your mouth to speak and your body to move and  so it does.
Your brain is divided into 2 parts. You've got your conscious mind and your sub conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that you are using right now as you are reading each of these words and thinking about these words and analyzing them.

Then there's your subconscious mind. This is the more powerful part of your mind. This is the part that works like a giant hard drive of a computer and it stores information. It stores speech,  music, sounds, thoughts, feelings, memories, pictures, words and Its also responsible for your imagination and your dreams. Its the part of your brain that makes you feel certain emotions when you hear music, see a picture or say certain words. Its the part of your brain that drives all of your creativity and your performance on and off stage or holds it all back when you are NERVOUS.

Are you with me so far?

In the case of anyone who is playing a song. As you are learning  your song, you are using your conscious mind. You have to think about every  note, beat, word, vocal inflection, where to pause, every gesture...  But once you have learned and memorized your song, beat for beat, word for word, or note for note.  Its your subconscious mind that that makes your hands and feet move to all the right places and make all the right sounds  without you having to consciously think about what to play or sing.  Its also the part of your brain that allows great drummers, musicians, singers, performers, comedians, or speakers to improvise masterfully because your subconscious mind knows what notes to play automatically.

Your subconscious mind is also responsible for all of your bodily functions such as breathing and blinking, body motions and it also controls your thoughts and FEELINGS.

Your subconscious mind also access feelings of confidence or feelings of nervousness all depending on what kind of program is being run. This is why great on stage performers do so  with such confidence, warmth and feeling. They are profoundly relaxed, confident and are performing “in the moment”  from deep within their subconscious mind.

Now because even drummers are human. Most humans have anxious, nervousness and fearful thoughts running through their subconscious minds. Most people especially when first starting out  performing  on stage,  lack confidence and focus. Especially when it comes time to perform and play your drums in front of people who are judging you or when it time to record yourself when everything has to be perfect.

Performing Drums on stage or in a studio
IS All About Transferring Feelings.

This is why if you start feeling fearful or nervous o apprehensive or over analyzing your performance or “thinking too much about what you are doing” your drumming  suddenly suffers. This is why, when you get STAGE FRIGHT  your mind (your computer) starts running a program called ANXIETY AND  FEAR and you begin thinking fearful thoughts of failure, making a mistake, being judged, etc and so your body especially your hands, fingers and legs and feet tense up, sweat more, and your fingers lose coordination your hands may even start making jerky motions and you start making dumb mistakes or even freeze up or go blank.

However when you are relaxed, confident and focused – that's when you are, “in the groove” or “in the zone” and the magic happens and you  play drums and  perform  masterfully. When the “magic happens” you are accessing the more powerful, resourceful feelings in your “sub conscious mind” where there is basically a “program” stored on your “hard drive” that told your body what to play. And your  body  made all the right moves automatically without you having to think about it. Your sub conscious mind was also running a program called “confidence”

As a hypnotherapist I help people get their head right so that they only run the program called CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND RELAXATION.
Get it now?
Why you should trust me to help you eliminate your Stage Fright ?

My name is Chris Cady
I am a Stage Hypnotist and Peak Performance Hypnotherapist based out of Reno Nevada.
I am so darn good at this that if there were an Olympic Metal for Hypnotherpaists  who  help people get rid of stage fright I'd get a GOLD!

Over the years I have used hypnosis to help

musicians, comedians, public speakers, seminar leaders, dancers and actors athletes, golfers, football and baseball players, gymnasts and more... All of them needed to work on their  “mental game”  being more confident, staying focused, calming nerves, staying  letting go of fear and past mistakes, public speaking, making appearances, etc)  Business people, students and other folks who are looking to improve their lives using focus, concentration, relaxation...people who want to use hypnosis as a competitive advantage to take themselves to the next level.

I also perform Stage Hypnosis shows and stand up comedy and I have ZERO STAGE FRIGHT.

I have also used hypnosis to help painfully shy people into confident people. I have helped hopelessly addicted tobacco users quit smoking and stop chewing, junk food addicts lose weight. I have used hypnosis to help people with insomnia – sleep wonderfully, nervous, anxious and mean people relax and treat their families nicely... road ragers to stop road raging... I have used hypnosis to help people heal from disease, block pain, eliminate all kinds of phobias and more.

But you probably only care about  how I will help you  eliminate all of your stage fright and become a better drummer...


I have used hypnosis to help very talented professional  drummers and other musicians with stage fright, performance anxiety and even recording fright that was so crippling, they were going to quit. After working with me they perform At Their Maximum Musical Selves and have discovered playing capabilities that they never even knew they possessed!

I work with clients in person, by telephone and by providing them with CDs & mp3 downloads. And in case you are wondering, as a kid I played a variety of instruments, performed music on stage, acted, and as a young adult  I was even a radio and mobile DJ and I had   stage fright and was  SCARED SILLY to speak in front of people! Until I learned how to  overcome my performance anxiety using the tricks and secrets that you will learn.

So do you think I can help you get rid of your Stage Fright / Performance anxiety better than some  “know it all doctor or lecturer” who's never spoken or performed in front of a  real live audience...

Here I am
and Remember
I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.


This amazing CD / MP3 download FOR DRUMMERS comes with an unlimited NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ANY TIME EVER. If for any reason ANY TIME EVER!

you feel that this CD MP3 download AND BOOK does not take away all of your stage fright / performance anxiety give you all of the SELF CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS THAT YOU WANT on and off stage in your drumming, simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price. (minus shipping and handling)
I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% confident that it will work for you!
So why not get over your stage fright.
Get ahead start in making all of your
dreams and a drummer, musician, performing, recording artist, etc COME TRUE

"How To Eliminate Stage Fright
For Drummers"


drummers how to eliminate stage fright performance anxiety
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drummer kevin rapillo and country musician rodney ankins on stage in concert
How To Eliminate Stage Fright
For Drummers. Gets Rid of ALL of
YOUR Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety.
It takes you from where you are right now
to where YOU WANT TO BE
In a Hurry!
Drummer Kevin Rapillo and Rodney Atkins
Kevin is an awesome drummer who is FEARLESS
he told me that he has zero stage fright
and I believe him.