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Are You Scared of Public Speaking???
Who Else Wants To Be a Dynamic Public Speaker or Just Be Able To Speak Fearlessly To Any Sized Audience WITHOUT ANY STAGE FRIGHT OR FEAR!

If you are going to be giving a speech or doing  any sort of public speaking
You Need to Have The Confidence of a Lion Tamer!
In-order to do that
you need to have your brain on your side.

So if you've Got Stage Fright
and you
Wanna Get Rid of It
I will help you (and practically make you)  Get Rid of All of YOUR
Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety  and your FEAR of Public Speaking
So that you can walk into any room leap up on stage, give your speech or presentation

Fair enough?

Hey I'm Chris Cady and I'm a hypnotist.

If you have been to any of my shows you know that I get up on stage and I speak with CONFIDENCE and I speak with power and I speak with passion and I am completely absolutely fearless. After one of my shows people always ask me, "Do you get stage fright before a show?"

"Do you get nervous? Do you get an upset stomach?"

They always say, "You look really relaxed up there. You look like you are having a good time and you are not worried about anything."

And do you know what?  They're right.  I'm not worried about anything. I have no fear of public speaking I have zero stage fright. And I will explain how you can too.

On several occasions people have told me "Your like Tony Robbins, meets Robin Williams, meets a hypnotist, meets a game show host!"

I'm always flattered.

On stage I'm very  passionate. I'm very confident and I'm completely fearless. There's a reason for that. Its that I have been using hypnosis for years in order to not have fear when I'm doing public speaking.

Now, I know that public speaking is the number one fear in America and number two is death. People are more afraid of speaking in front of  group of people then they are of DYING. It Is amazing, and the funny thing is you are very safe on stage. No one is going to kill you. Its OK up there.

But if you have an occupation that requires you to speak in front of people or if you need to give  speeches or presentations... Maybe you are a best man at a wedding and you are going to give a toast or you have to give a sales presentation and you are nervous about  it, I can help YOU. I have a really remarkable program right here and you can see it. Its called,
How To Flip Off & Eliminate Stage Fright
& Speak With Confidence & Power Book & CD.
(also available as an E-book and mp3)

Basically all you do is read this very short book and then listen to this CD or mp3 at nap time or at bedtime you are going to reprogram your subconscious mind to not focus on fear or fear of failure but to be completely confident and positive when you are speaking publicly.

It does not matter if you are in a classroom or doing some kind of presentation, or up on stage like I am in the photo above  at this convention.  You will remember everything that you are going to say. You will speak very extemporaneously.  You will be filed with confidence. You will be able to get your message across very quickly without having an upset stomach or being nervous or having any form of stage fright.

Now I you are an actor or an actress or any kind of performer this is going to help you with that too so that you can deliver your lines without having any kind of fear. Its a really amazing product. You will be surprised how quickly that it works for you and the best way to experience it is just to GET ONE

My Stage Fright For Public Speaking Program
comes with a 100% money back  guarantee
and I know you are going to love it. That's why I'm the one taking all the risk

So why not  do yourself and your career a big favor and just get one NOW!

Still not convinced that I can help you overcome your stage fright or fear of public speaking? Just  Need more information?  Then go ahead and  go to my home page and  read a very long letter about  how I will help you overcome your fear of  giving speeches or of speaking in public.  Just CLICK HERE NOW

no stage fright or performance anxiety public speaking with confidence chris cady hypnotist with fearless on stage
This is what it looks like when you are speaking in front of an audeince
on a stage. I do it FEARLESSLY and so can YOU!
no stage fright how to flip off and eliminate fear of public speaking and speak with confidence book and cd
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No Stage Fright. How To Flip Off
& Eliminate Stage Fright Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
& Speak With Confidence & Power Book & CD.
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Here Are A Few of The Testimonials From People
Who Purchased My No Stage Fright For Public Speaking CD

Dear Chris,
My husband and I got this program because we know that sooner or later we are going to have to do some kind of public speaking  at one of our social clubs. So we started listening to your CD and already he seems to feel that his communication with strangers that he meets in public places is improving.  He finds it easier to start a conversation with those people. We both look forward to  seeing what will happen in time, especially when it comes time to address a room full of people. What is unusual  is that I feel excited about it.

Leslie W, Nokomis Flordia

Here's a testimonial that was edited down form a 2 page letter:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your book and  CD  for getting rid of fear of public speaking is remarkable."

I got your No Stage Fright  overcome fear of giving speeches  speaking in front of people  program after I met you when you performed for my industry association meeting.

The timing was perfect because I had just received additional duties at work which required
that I give presentations to venture capital investors.  My background was in sales but I had no previous experience giving group speeches and presentations so I was extremely nervous about it. I got your CD and listened every night. I felt an immediate calmness and sense of confidence when I practiced my presentation.  By the time I gave my first presentation I felt as if I could do anything.

However, even though I felt that I could do anything and I felt confident, when I gave my first real presentation  I still had just a minimal amount of nervousness instead of an overwhelming amount.

(It felt like a 3 on a scale of 1-10. ) When I did my second presentation the  nervousness went to about a 2.
When I made my third presentation it was 100% GONE!  I felt 110% confident like I was an "old pro." All I feel now is total confidence that I know my stuff and that people are not thinking negative things about me when I talk

Your  book and CD is remarkable.

Mary H ( name removed by request)  Atherton, CA

I am a woman and I work for a major technology / computer  company based in the Silicon Valley  San Jose area and even though my degree is in computer science, I work in the marketing department. I am introverted and I am not outgoing. I am shy and  ever since I was a kid in school, I have been terrified of standing up and speaking in front of a group. One day my boss informed me that I would be taking on a position as a company trainer and spokesperson and I would be giving presentations to groups of both team members and outside people. I was TERRIFIED and did not sleep for several nights. He gave me a week to memorize a training manual that I was supposed to give a power point presentation on.  Talk about pressure! I went online looking for  a solution to help me overcome this fear of standing up and speaking in front of people and I was quite happy to see your public speaking program especially since I saw your hypnosis show twice before when you performed at a casino in Tahoe and again at a computer convention at The Santa Clara Convention Center.

I immediately ordered your No Stage Fright For Public Speaking program and did everything it said and listened to the CD maybe 5 times that night and the next day I just felt different. More confident. Then I started practicing my speech and I felt as if I were a female super hero wearing a cape.  I practiced in front of three team members and for the first time I gave my speech without my hands shaking.  I felt like I could speak in front of people  without being afraid. But that was only for a few people so then, every night in bed I listened to your CD and  I got better.  When it came time to give my speech  for a group of  200 people I felt unstoppable as if I had spoken in front of groups forever!  It was really great and now I really enjoy it. Thank you for helping me cure my fear of speaking in front of people and of giving speeches. I  actually enjoy giving speeches and presentations now for  groups of all sizes.
Thank you so much for this incredible program.

Nadia - Cupertino,  CA ( last name and  company name removed by request however this is a fortune 500 technology company like Apple, Intuit, Sony etc  they might even be American)

Note: The program in the video shown above shows the old cover of my no stage fright for public speaking program. We have a new title, cover and the program has been improved since this video was made.
public speaking to an audience  no stage fright or performance anxiety public speaking with confidence chris cady hypnotist with fearless on stage
no stage fright how to flip off and eliminate fear of public speaking and speak with confidence book and cd
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No Stage Fright. How To Flip Off
& Eliminate Stage Fright Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
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