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If you are a singer and would rather not read. The video is part 1 of 4 that explains my stage fright program

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It does not matter if you already sing professionally, or if you are in a garage band or if you only sing in the shower.
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This program applies to YOU no matter what type of music that you sing.
As you read the stories below don't get hung up on the type of music that the singer musician mentioned.  My techniques for overcoming stage fright, performance anxiety work for everyone.

Now before I ask you to read about how wonderful this program is and how it will take all of your stage fright away.
Go ahead and read  a few stories about some work I did for a few singers


A singer of a country band found his way to me and said that his stage fright problem was all about the lighting in the room.  If the house lighting was dark and he could stare into the spot light,  he never saw the audience and he could sing and perform almost fearlessly.  But if the lighting were not that way and he could see any faces of the audience he'd break out into a sweat and he'd shake and lose focus and panic. His voice would tighten and  he would practically have a panic attack and he would want to leave the stage.

He wanted to change this, so I we met in a theater and I hypnotized him and used my special process, "in a
nut shell"  he sang with house lights up full bright and no stage or spot lights and I had him make eye contact with smiling faces of crew members who, "stood in" for an audience while radiating joy and love and feeling it come back to him.  The performance anxiety problem went away and now he can sing in any situation. He now embraces seeing the faces of his audience and he performs and sings without any stage fright, fear or anxiety and instead he is CONFIDENT on stage.

The above video is part 2 that explains my  stage fright performance anxiety program
for singers.


A rock singer came to me telling me that he could perform in front of thousands of people in the light or in the dark  because all he saw was tops of heads,  lights, silhouettes and a sea of  bobbing heads and waiving hands but if he were at a small club and was asked to get up and sing with the band or if he were at a function such as a press conference, wedding for a friend  or at a music industry seminar or awards ceremony and was asked to sing or even speak on a mic, 

he was overwhelmed with terror. 

He wanted to change this, so I hypnotized him and I had him sing with house lights up full bright and no stage or spot lights and made eye contact with smiling  faces of  friends and crew members who “stood in” for an audience while radiating  joy and love.  I also had him  give several toasts, make speeches about a variety of topics that I made up on the spot.  I had him recite several  poems to some friends and crew members who stood at the front of the stage making strong eye contact with him while he sang with confidence.

I had him  even do a mock raffle where he announced  winners and gave away imaginary prizes to people.  He did this all while hypnotized and feeling  total acceptance and confidence and then he sang too.

His stage fright performance anxiety problem went away.

A female easy listening singer who also performed in musical theater had a real problem.  She LOVED to sing but   had come to associate  the audience with fear,  anger, danger and past pain.  She FELT that she had been verbally insulted / attacked  at a show years earlier when an audience member yelled something out during her performance that she felt was insulting.

The actual fact was that an audience member had yelled something out that may have been unrelated to her and just something that excited audience members or drunk or stupid audience members yell out in a crowd. But what matters is that she took it very personally.

She was so upset when this happened that she forgot her lyrics, broke into tears and left the stage sobbing hysterically.   As a result she actually quit performing for years and after several years only recorded in a studio and NO ONE was allowed to watch.  

After much time passed, she  began performing again in very small clubs as an attempt to move forward. However, she had an irrational, overwhelming fright that someone from the audience would verbally assault her during her set and that she would  freak out and  breakdown and leave the stage again. She had been performing  IN TERROR and it showed on her face. 

When I  watched her sing live she looked like someone standing before a firing squad. She would clutch the  mic stand  for dear life, hold her body tight  and her face and eyes took on a "deer in the headlights look"  as if she was expecting an attack any second.

As well her voice sounded shaky and  pitchy and she radiated discomfort.

I  hypnotized her to let go of this past  traumatic experience and got her to realize on an emotional level that her bad experience had only  happened ONE TIME in an entire  lifetime of  several thousand  shows  and probably was not  really meant with any bad intent and that she probably misinterpreted it based on whatever was going on in her life at the time. 

I empowered her  and "re-programmed" her to have a NEW BELIEF that  she is responsible for transferring emotion to her audience through music and singing and dance and any that  words or sounds yelled from the audience are always sounds of ENERGY due to excitement or drunkenness and were not to ever be interpreted in a negative way or taken personally since she could not possibly be able to determine the reason for the  sound coming from the audience and that the sounds of  applause and cheers would automatically  = LOVE and FUN  and that all other non musical sounds would just fade away.   I pumped her up with hypnotic suggestions for confidence, power, staying in the moment, only feeling and giving LOVE and sharing her beautiful voice.  This worked wonderfully and  she enjoys singing and performing and immediately stopped clinging to the mic stand, she started smiling again and enjoys singing live. YES SHE OVERCAME HER STAGE FRIGHT!

I wish that I could say that I  helped "Meatloaf" but I didn't. I heard him tell a story that he once had a paralyzed vocal chord because he was angry at his song writing partner  & piano player and that he used hypnosis so he could release his anger  and as a result he was able to sing again.  This is an example of how anxiety, anger and fear and be overcome using hypnosis.


Singing on Stage or in a Studio
IS All About Transferring Feelings.

This is why if you start feeling FEARFUL or nervous or apprehensive or you start “thinking too much about what you are doing” it will come through in your voice and on your face and your performance suddenly suffers. This is why, when you get STAGE FRIGHT,  your mind (your computer) starts running a program called, ANXIETY AND  FEAR and you begin thinking fearful thoughts of FAILURE, making a mistake, being judged, etc and so your body especially your voice tenses up, cracks  and you start making dumb mistakes or even freeze up or go blank.

However when you are relaxed, CONFIDENT and focused – that's when you are “in the groove”  and the magic happens and you sing masterfully. When the “magic happens” you are accessing the more powerful, resourceful feelings in your “sub conscious mind” where there is basically a “program” stored on your “hard drive” that told your lungs and your mouth what to do. And YOUR VOICE made all the right sounds and your body made all the right moves automatically without you having to think about it. Your subconscious mind was also running a program called, “confidence, focus and relaxation.

As a hypnotherapist I help people get their head right so that they only run the program called CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND RELAXATION.

Get it now?

Why you should trust me to help you eliminate
your Stage Fright so you can SING at your finest?

If you don't  know who I am CLICK HERE  to read about who I am and how I can help even you get rid of your  stage fright and sing at your best.

Here I am
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I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.

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I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% confident that it will work for you!
So why not get over your stage fright so you can be the singer that you are capable of being, singing as the MAXIMUM YOU!

I will help you (and practically make you)  Get Rid of All of YOUR
Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety!
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" How To Eliminate Stage Fright No Stage Fright For Singers / Vocalists"

If you made it all the way here and have not  placed your order yet you might want to look at this video  because you will learn something about stage fright and how  major artists deal with it.
I placed this  video of Van Halen here doing their pre-show warm up routine so that you can learn a few pre-show performance anxiety / stage fright reduction tips from a superstar rock band  and get a real back stage look at one way that a very successful band  MENTALLY warms up.    You can adapt and adopt this to your own performance situation.

If you watch this video a few times you will learn  a few tips about  overcoming and beating stage fright.

While the members of Van Halen don't  actually say that  they  have any  pre-show jitters, or performance anxiety, you will hear Eddie Van Halen say that, "Basically what we do before we go on is all four  of  us get together and  geek out to MENTALLY PREPARE OURSELVES FOR WHAT WE ARE WALKING INTO." 

Then you will hear Sammy Hagar say " IT IS ONE BIG GOOFY SITUATION, We get goofy... Bocephus aka Hank Williams Jr is a guy who knows how to party so we go into "Bocephus Mode"  before a show..."
Then a few minutes late he says,  "I can be the crazy mofo that I am" and
"I'm a grown man but my brain never developed past 15"

If you really listen to what Sammy is saying. Its that this is our system for mentally transitioning from  regular life  into entertainers who are preparing to go on stage.  By getting silly.

Then Eddie says , "To tell you the honest to God truth every night when I set foot on stage there is  2 or 3 minutes right before we go on I always get the chills."

What Eddie Van Halen is experiencing  is what many entertainers  would  call FEAR or ANXIETY.  While many musicians   would   be inhibited by, "the chills" and afraid to go on stage.   Eddie has already,  "flipped the switch" and redirected that energy into EXCITEMENT by doing all of  his  "silly"  pre-show routines through dancing, shouting, making weird sounds with his guitar etc.

Right at the end of the video  Sammy Hagar says: " The most important thing to me is when you step on stage, YOU ARE LIVE and if you blow it, its your last chance. You leave town the next day and there is 15,000 people there saying they stunk."

So what can you  learn from that statement and from watching Van Halen's  pre-show warm up? 
Be LIVE BEFORE YOU GO UP ON STAGE by doing a warm up that  gets you mentally and physically prepared.

You probably noticed that the video is from 1986.  A few years ago I met Sammy Hagar at a show in Lake Tahoe. I was backstage just before showtime and Sammy  was walking around joking with friends, fans and crew and he was in the same very playful / silly  mode that   you saw in the video.   He was slapping high fives, swinging on  bars that  hold up the stage, hugging people laughing and  shadow boxing and acting like a kid on a playground, then he  ran up on stage and  jumped around and played, sang his heart out and performed an incredible high energy show.

In the event that you have not figured out yet  why I'm sharing this with you, my point is this:  Most entertainers, musicians and public speakers  do not have ANY sort of per-show  MENTAL warm up routine.  Most entertainers are AFRAID TO LOOK and FEEL SILLY.  But Eddie, Sammy, Alex and Michael are doing it on PURPOSE. So that  they are "primed" and "pumped"  and  READY to perform.

Because many  musicians don't do this sort of warm up " or any sort of mental warm up or letting go or confidence priming exercise,  they deal with  STAGE FRIGHT.

Unfortunately for them and for the audience the first  15 minutes of the show IS  their warm up.  Which is why most people who suffer  from stage fright will say that it takes about  the first 3 songs or 15 minutes of a concert for them to  get over their anxiety and  get "into the groove" or "into the zone."

While singing and dancing and getting silly is one very effective way for any musician or entertainer to get mentally and physically ready for a show, the  program that I am offering you goes WAY, beyond what the Van Halen video shows you or what I just mentioned here.  What they are doing is probably 2% of what you will learn   when you  use my program to help you  get over your stage fright.

Maybe you are different. Maybe your on stage and off stage personality and energy level is more subdued. Maybe  you sing and play classical music or  jazz or country or gospel or barbershop  and that  wild, manic energy would be inappropriate. That's ok. My program will  help you with   pre-show mental routine that works for you. Plus you won't have any sort of anxiety  days or weeks before the show either because you will be able to turn your performance anxiety  into excitement.

So if you are now finally ready to
  Get Rid of All of YOUR
Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety
and make all of your
How To Eliminate Stage Fright  Performance Anxiety / No Stage Fright For Singers / Vocalists

singers vocalists how to eliminate stage fright performance anxiety books and cd by chris cady
singer brian johnson of acdc and chris cady
james brown and chris cady singer with no stage fright

Here I am With Another One of  The Top Performers / Singers of All Time.
Mister James Brown. He was probably the most dynamic performer I have ever seen or met in my entire life.
He gave me incredible advice about performing on stage with confidence & without stage fright.
Singer Ronnie James Dio and hypnotist Chris Cady looking reunited backstage after a concert at the Reno Hilton Reno Nevada in the 1990s
Singer Ronnie James Dio and hypnotist Chris Cady adn kvhs FM BUMPER STICKER backstage after a concert at the Reno Hilton Reno Nevada in the 1990s

I met and spoke with Singer Ronnie James Dio many times between 1980 something and his unfortunate passing.
Here we are  after a great show in the 1990s. He was  One of  The  Performers / Singers of All Time. Very confident & fearless on stage. He had ZERO stage fright. He also gave me a lot of advice and insight about singing & performing.

I put this other photo of Singer Ronnie James Dio and I up here for you to enjoy because just after taking the picture above I spotted his road cases and I noticed that he still had the bumper sticker that I gave him back in 1985 when I first met him. At the time I was a DJ at the greatest rock and roll radio station on the planet. It was called KVHS.
I found it very cool that the case must have traveled a million miles to thousands of shows and yet it was still there.
He wanted to take a picture of us with it.

singers vocalists how to eliminate stage fright performance anxiety books and cd by chris cady
singer david coverdale of whitesnake and deep purple and stage fright hypnotist chris cady at tower records in reno nevada

"Here I Go Again"
Here I am with Singer David Coverdale of Whitesnake & Deep Purple. This photo was taken at Tower Records  In Reno.
You might notice the signs in the background.

Coverdale sings and performs with dominance, confidence and passion. He is one of my favorite.

Some other  examples of singers who are fearless and focused and sing in the zone without any stage fright
or performance anxiety

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

Sammy Hagar, (himself and Van Halen)

Ronnie James Dio

Brian Johnson of ACDC

Mic Jagger, Rolling Stones

Rod Stewart

Alice Cooper

James Brown

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

Everyone in Metallica (singing or not)

Garth Brooks

singer Rodney atkins waches the audence just before his concert
country singer Rodney atkins sings country music  with confidence
singer rodney atkins

I took this photo of Country Singer Rodney Atkins and his band at a concert in Minden Nevada. He sings, performs and plays guitar with confidence.
I took this picture of Country Music Singer Rodney Atkins at his concert  at the Alameda County fair in July.

The view from backstage is interesting to me. I always watch the musicians just before they walk out on stage. I look for anxious behavior & signs of performance anxiety. Usually musicians, especially singers pace, chew gum, smoke, drink, stretch, shake or dance like a boxer to "get in the zone" and shake off stage fright.  Rodney Atkins walked up the backstage stairs, casually watched the audience for a few seconds, then turned around and his guitar technician Jeff, (standing behind him) handed him his guitar. He strapped on his guitar,  closed his eyes for a few seconds stretched his arms and walked out on stage and sang and played with total confidence.  Audiences love a confident singer who sings, moves and performs without any fear or hesitation or stage fright. His audience LOVES HIM!
Singer Rodney Atkins and his drummer Kevin Rapillo in concert

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Here I am With One of the Greatest Rock Singers of All Time.
Brian Johnson of ACDC. He sings with confidence and with ZERO PERFORMANCE ANXIETY OR STAGE FRIGHT
singer klaus meine of the scorpions and chris cady

Here I am with another Great Rock Singer Klaus Meine of The Scorpions.
He also sings without any stage fright.
In all of his concerts he sings with confidence right out front at the edge of the stage.