guitar players eliminate stage fright performance anxiety
Guitar Players this Cures  Your Stage Fright Almost INSTANTLY!  (YES Even for YOU!)
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Got Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety? Want To Get Rid of It?
Got Shaking Hands and Fingers Too? How About Sweaty Palms?
Do you Get EXTRA NERVOUS When Its Time To Solo?

Want to play your guitar smoothly, accurately & confidently?

How Would You Like To Instantly
“Flip a Switch”
Flip off

Stage Fright, FEAR of FAILURE, Screwing Up, Suddenly Forgetting How To Play Your Guitar, Feelings of Nervousness, Paralyzing Feelings of Fear, Pressure, Anxiety, Self Doubt, Over Analyzing, & Making a Mistake and Having To Be Perfect
That Results in You Having Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety and “choking” on Stage
And Instead
Flip On
Self Confidence, Focus, Relaxation, Certainty, Calmness, Power, Talent
So That You Can Eliminate All of Your Fears And Get Up on Stage And
Play Guitar and Perform
The Way That You Do In Your Dreams.

If this interests you as a Guitar Player, I Have The Quick and Easy Solution That YOU Need!

It Works Almost INSTANTLY!
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No matter what kind of guitar player you are or how bad you've been playing lately.
(And IF I'm wrong you get to hear it for FREE)

If Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety  is holding you back from achieving YOUR DREAMS AS A GUITAR PLAYER,   this will be the most important letter that you ever read.
Here is why:

Let me start by saying this: Most guitar players are living their FEARS  instead of living their DREAMS
If that's you, I can help.

It does not matter if you play electric, acoustic, rock, country, classical, jazz, blue grass guitar, lead or rhythm guitar.  YOU WILL GET OVER YOUR STAGE FRIGHT almost INSTANTLY
if you will just follow my unusual instructions.
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Who Else Wants To Get On Stage
Play Guitar
Have The Confidence of a Lion Tamer.

Maybe you just read about this new amazing program in Guitar Player Magazine or Guitar World Magazine.

But even if you didn't...
It does not matter what style of music that you play or if you play an electric or an acoustic... 
If you are any sort of a guitar player and you've got stage fright aka  performance anxiety,

I have the solution that YOU need.

If you can  read a short, EASY to read book
and then take 33 minutes to listen to a hypnosis CD or MP3 download at night as you go to sleep or
right before you practice your guitar

I will take away all of your stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can step into a recording studio or get up on a stage and play guitar and perform as well (or even  better) then you do when you practice your guitar by yourself when no one is watching and judging you.

Oh, and if I'm wrong, you get it for FREE

Fair enough?

Here is what this amazing stage fright program will do for YOU

Just like a light switch or a switch on your guitar...

You will play your guitar with great confidence & NO STAGEFRIGHT

Here is How To Use This Amazing CD or Mp3 download
For Overcoming Stage Fright

Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones...

You will tune into the sound of my soft gentle hypnotic voice speaking to you while soothing music plays gently in the background.

You will hear everything that I say as I guide you through a wonderful, very peaceful relaxation process where you will completely relax your mind and body.


You will quickly drift off into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis. During this time I give your subconscious mind wonderful instructions for letting go of nervousness, fear, anxiety and all of your inhibitions about playing guitar or performing in front of people


you will replace those negative thoughts with empowering thoughts for having UNSTOPPABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS in every area of your life but especially with your guitar playing and your performance skills.

This way every time that you think of yourself as a guitar player /  musician / performer / entertainer or whatever else it is that you do or DREAM of doing musically, all of your thoughts will be those of confidence, focus, relaxation and a belief in yourself that you CAN DO IT and that you've got what it takes to play your  GUITAR and perform at your best in any situation.

This way whenever you play music for another person or set foot on a stage you wake up the creative confident genius inside and you automatically play from that magical spiritual place that makes memorable, beautiful music.


From Paralyzed With Stage fright & FEAR To Playing Guitar With CONFIDENCE!

Here is a testimonial from a guitar player who got my stage fright program after a frightening failure experience on stage! Every musician should read this true story!

(Note: I edited it down from several pages.)

"My name is (name removed) Since using your No Stage Fright For Guitar Players CD I have jammed with friends and have felt no stage fright or butterflies or anything -
Now I can just play. So thanks a million!"

Now here is the back story so that you know why I purchased your overcome stage fright for guitar players program.

I have been playing guitar for about 20 years on and off in a bunch of small bars and the like and in the mid 90's my band got to open for Steppenwolf. Cool right?


The band that I was in was called (name removed)  we were a very punk indie band and I didn't realize that we were walking onstage at a major festival with a crowd of about 1,000 bikers. We cranked up and stopped the whole crowd beer tents and all. I almost passed out. Suddenly the sky was a sea of beers and we were soaked in Coors and Bud Light.

Since that show, if I play for more than just a few people (especially other musicians) I freeze up and I'm taken back to that day opening for Steppenwolf where we dropped 1,000 jaws at once, in a bad way... my pulse will race and I'll start to fumble, and I'll get nervous enough to where I want to puke.

Recently I've been asked to join bigger bands playing for large crowds. I'm a good guitar player but I just get all butterflied up and turn away from the audience. I'd like to play again without freezing up. That's why I bought your  stage fright program.

Now here are the results after 2 weeks.
Since using your No Stage Fright For Guitar Players CD I have jammed with friends and have felt no stage fright or butterflies or anything -
Now I can just play. So thanks a million!"
(name band and city removed by request)

Every guitar player knows that there is no substitute for practice

Even if your DREAMS came true and all of your guitar heroes  came to LIVE with you and were your personal guitar teachers. All of your time spent playing guitar with them won't amount to squat if you are being held back by the inhibiting feelings of anxiety and Stage Fright and you have little CONFIDENCE or ability to FOCUS.

In the event you didn't know. 

are the exact same thing emotionally.

You see, when a guitar player suffers from STAGE FRIGHT / PERFORMANCE ANXIETY,  they are focused on  FEAR and all of the chemicals released in your brain and body from fear and anxiety act like a giant dam and block you from getting in tune with that magic part of your brain that holds all of your creativity, confidence, talent, memory and muscle memory from countless hours of practicing your guitar.  It also causes stiff fingers, poor coordination, jerky motions and shaking.

Stage Fright Is Evil
and it will keep you from achieving all of your musical dreams.

Your self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to FOCUS AND RELAX  will have a large effect on your learning, creating, playing guitar, song writing, performing, developing your talent and sharing your music with people.

Self-confidence is the energy source of your personality. Your level of self confidence precedes and predicts your behavior and how you interact with your guitar, yourself, other musicians, your band members other people,  and your audience. It determines your levels of creativity, talent, enthusiasm and personal magnetism and charisma.

Guitar players with high self-esteem are more positive, more likable more creative and more effective with their  instrument and every part of their lives.

Your self confidence will effect how you, “talk” through your guitar or to your audience and how you sing, speak, move  and  perform. That’s why it is critical to keep your self confidence high and positive on a continuing basis in every area of your life. Especially  when you play your guitar ON STAGE when you are under a microscope, being judged.

You've probably already know from experience that when you have STAGE FRIGHT AND PERFORMANCE ANXIETY  and there is nervousness, fear and anxiety running through your veins, even though you've practiced and you know your guitar parts,  you automatically tighten up, freeze up mentally and emotionally and your fingers  get stiff, uncoordinated, hit the strings wrong and you play guitar horribly.

But when your mind is calm, confident, focused, clear and free of nervousness AND ANXIETY that's when
you play guitar with great feeling and heart and soul from that spiritual, magical  place where there is no mental chatter and everything flows beautifully.

This is how all the great guitar players do it night after night.

It's confidence,  focus and LOTS  of  practice  that got them to keep improving their musicianship and performing skills. It's their confidence and focus that allowed them to get up on stage and still tap into the super creative part of their brain where the  talent is and got that magic to flow and make beautiful music.  Its FOCUS that kept them from being distracted.

Its a combination of both, that allowed them to be confidently calm, block out distractions and eliminate all the anxiety and nervousness that causes stage fright / performance anxiety in a guitar player.

That's why If you want to play guitar onstage or even just with other musicians
you need to have your
BRAIN on your side.
Once You Train Yourself To Do This Automatically

It does not matter where you are in your life right now or in your GUITAR PLAYING  skills. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, child or an adult. It does not matter if you have just been DREAMING  about playing guitar or performing  in front of people but you are too scared or if you are a professional musician, because having very high levels of self-confidence and focus will help you get what you want out of life both on and off stage.

It does not matter if you play electric, acoustic, rock, metal, country, Christian church worship,  blues,
jazz,classical, flamenco,  bluegrass lead or rhythm guitar.

It does not matter if you just want to play guitar  for  family and friends, jam with a band or get up on a stage in a club or concert hall.

If you have stage fright  performance anxiety that is holding you back ,  and you wanna get rid of it...

I will help you (and practically make you)  Get Rid of All of YOUR

Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety So that you can walk into any room  GRAB YOUR GUITAR  leap up on stage, play like a pro guitar player  and have a commanding presence on stage and play your guitar masterfully. 

You will do it because


YOU WILL TURN distracting thoughts and scatter brained thinking and behavior  into FOCUSED THOUGHTS and feelings.
Once You Do This YOU Will
Go Further In Your Guitar Playing and Performance Skills Than You've Ever Gone Before

It does not matter if you get a mild case of jitters and nerves before and during a gig or  or if you are so nervous that you feel like your are gonna get sick...

If you can  read a short, EASY to read book and then take 33 minutes to listen to a specially made very effective hypnosis CD or MP3 download at night as you go to sleep or  right before you practice your guitar.

I will take away all of your stage fright and performance anxiety so that you can step into a recording studio or get up on a stage and play guitar and perform as well (or even  better) then you do when you practice your guitar by yourself when no one is watching and judging you.

I'm the guy who can help you because I used to have a major problem with Stage Fright.

But not anymore. I have overcome Stage Fight  /  Performance Anxiety in a major way.  Prior to discovering these amazing techniques, my level of pre-show and on-stage anxiety was way, way, way, “off the charts.” At times it was even paralyzing  but these days its the exact opposite because I have turned FEAR, nervous energy  and anxiety into ROCKET FUEL

Ever since I figured out how to do this,  the night before a show, I sleep like a baby and I wake up excited and motivated. Then throughout the day  I am confidently calm, happy and excited. If I have other responsibilities, I can stay focused on them without having any fearful thoughts about the show entering my head.  Then once I get to the gig and I'm  back stage I'm mentally calm but excited and I'm in a great mood and I can't wait for the curtain to open. 

   right before I go up on stage

I emotionally “flip a switch” and  I essentially step into a superman suit where I have no fear, no doubt, no hesitation that I can fly.    I know that if I leap  the net will appear....

When I Step Up On Stage I am A LION TAMER!

Not The Audience, Not Anyone Else.

When I Step On Stage,
I Step Into A

But I know that most guitar players or any musicians or performers for this matter step into a NIGHTMARE.

This is why if you came here really looking to get rid of your stage fright / performance anxiety so that you can play your guitar in front of any sized audience.

I can help you because I'm not just some "know it all" with a PhD who's only stage is a classroom full of students.

Being on stage is what I do for a living!

I also work with musicians and other entertainers both professional and novices to overcome, beat and eliminate stage fright and


I am not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results.

Want to know why?

Well, you will have to spend a few minutes actually reading the information here.

So take a long slow deep breath and get focused and relax because you are about to learn a secret to overcoming stage fright / performance anxiety from a real performer (I am a Stage Hypnotist) who also plays guitar (just to be clear, I perform comedy hypnosis shows,  and playing guitar is a hobby). I'm not just some therapist who teaches people how to perform on stage.

Now here's a few things that you should also know about  stage fright / performance anxiety:

First of all,

Booze will not make your stage fright or anxiety go away, neither will smoking or taking medications (legal or illegal) Neither will overdosing on  practicing or rehearsing. If this were true, you'd never hear stories about seasoned musicians who have stage fright or performance anxiety.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there is a substitute for practicing your guitar because you will get out of your guitar exactly what you put into it. My point is that practice and preparation will certainly help you develop your talent and with your mental confidence and being confident when playing your guitar, performing with or in front of other people  but  its well documented that even many well prepared performers have had significant problems with stage fright / performance anxiety.

Fortunately there is a solution  which is
Quick, EASY and Safe
Its called
"How To Eliminate Stage Fright For Guitar Players"
It works like magic and its not as weird as you might think.

It is a book and a CD or Ebook MP3 download
This CD / Mp3 Program Uses Real HYPNOSIS
And  after you read the short book
All You Do Is Listen

Before I explain how hypnosis works, I first want you to see what this NEW, amazing program will do for you and how it will  make you beat, eliminate and overcome YOUR stage fright.

When you begin using this
How To Eliminate Stage Fright For Guitar Players"

Most guitar players will notice an immediate improvement in their guitar playing and that before and during any performance large or small any, “nerves or jitters” have been redirected into CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT!

You'll play, and perform the way that you know that you SHOULD be. You'll perform as the MAXIMUM YOU. The one who is  playing guitar, performing from that magical special, spiritual place. Not the nervous, you.

However, no matter how much more confident, relaxed, focused and FEARLESS that you become with your guitar playing, you should listen every night for 30 nights so that you have plenty of reinforcement. (You can also listen about 2 hours before any show  if you wish) and whenever you've got a gig, if you want to. However you will quickly discover that you won't need it anymore because being CONFIDENT, FEARLESS  AND FOCUSED will quickly be your NEW way of thinking and behaving and playing your guitar.
Skeptical That This Program Will Work For Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety Issues
That Are Specific To Playing Guitar?
Here's How it Works

Why Hypnosis Eliminates Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety
and  Works To Make YOU a
Guitar Player
If you are really skeptical, if you think that this is b.s. or if you just feel a need for more information before you buy this guitar program, I wrote this next part just for you.

I'm going to take this very scientific topic of hypnosis and make it very easy for even a guitar player to understand so that you can make a wise decision  without being bored to death with medical mumbo jumbo.

Here we go

Your brain is a giant computer and your body is like a robot. All your body does is follow the instructions given to it by the computer.

Get it?

Your computer (your brain) tells your "robot" (your body) to move your hands and fingers and play your guitar, and  so it does. If you did it properly, beautiful guitar music is made.


Your brain is divided into 2 parts. You've got your conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind. Your conscious mind is the part that you are using right now as you are reading each of these words and thinking about these words and analyzing them. It's also the part of your brain that you use when you are LEARNING to play a song. It is the part of your brain that you use when you are actually thinking about  each note and chord and where to place your fingers and your hands and  how to  strum, pick or bend a string  and you are training yourself to play a new song.
Then there's your subconscious mind.

This is the more powerful part of your mind. This is the part that works like a giant hard drive of a computer and it stores information. It stores speechmusic, sounds, thoughts, feelings, memories, pictures, words and Its also responsible for your imagination and your DREAMS. It's the part of your brain that makes you feel certain emotions when you hear music, see a picture or say certain words. Its the part of your brain that drives all of your creativity and your performance on and off stage or holds it all back when you are NERVOUS ANXIOUS AND FEARFUL!

Are you with me so far?

In the case of anyone who is playing guitar.

As you are learning  your  song, you use your conscious mind. You have to think about every note and chord and where to place your fingers, how to strum or pick your strings etc. But once you have learned and memorized your  song, note for note.  Its your subconscious mind that that makes your fingers and hands and body move to all the right places and make all the right sounds without you having to consciously think about where to put them.  Its also the part of your brain that allows great  guitar players to improvise masterfully because your subconscious mind knows what notes to play automatically... And which  notes  NOT to play automatically.

Your subconscious mind is also responsible for all of your bodily functions such as breathing and blinking, body motions and it also controls your thoughts and FEELINGS.

Your subconscious mind also access feelings of confidence or feelings of nervousness all depending on what kind of program is being run. This is why great  guitar players, other musicians or any on stage performers do so  with amazing confidence, warmth, and feeling. They are profoundly relaxed, confident and are performing “in the moment”  from deep within their subconscious mind.

All of The Great Guitar Players Play This Way.

Now because even guitar players are human. Most humans have anxious, nervousness and fearful thoughts running through their subconscious minds. Most people, especially when first starting out  playing guitar, performing in front of a small audience or even their momma,  lack confidence and focus, especially when it comes time to playing guitar in front of people who are judging you or when its time to record yourself when everything has to be perfect.

Performing Guitar on Stage or In a Studio
IS All About Transferring Feelings.

This is why if you start feeling fearful, nervous or apprehensive or you start over analyzing your performance or “thinking too much about what you are doing,” your guitar playing suddenly suffers.

This is why, when you get STAGE FRIGHT  your mind (your computer) starts running a program called, ANXIETY AND FEAR and you begin thinking fearful thoughts of failure, making a mistake, being judged, etc and so your body especially your fingers tense up, sweat more, and your fingers lose coordination may even start making jerky motions and you start making dumb mistakes or even freeze up or go blank.

However when you are relaxed, confident and focused – that's when you are “in the groove” and the magic happens and you play guitar masterfully.

When the “magic happens”

you are accessing the more powerful, resourceful feelings in your “sub-conscious mind” where there is basically a “program” stored on your “hard drive” that told your fingers  what to play. And your fingers  moved to  all the right places automatically on your guitar fret board without you having to think about it. Your sub-conscious mind was also running a program called, “confidence, relaxation and focus.”

As a hypnotherapist I help GUITAR PLAYERS  and even "normal people" people get their head right so that they only run the program called CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND RELAXATION.

Before we wrap this up  I want to tell you something.  I have had many musicians say  prior  to purchasing this book and CD / MP3

"But I'm Different.
Will Your Stage Fright Program  For Guitar Players Work For Me?" 

Here is my general response:

It does not matter if you are in a gigging band or if you have never even set foot on a stage. It does not matter  if you get nervous only when you will be playing a  "BIG SHOW"  with a large attendance,  or if you are too scared to even play in front of one person...It does not matter if you are going to be auditioning for a TV show like, "The Voice" "American Idol,"  "Americas Got Talent"  "Britain's Got Talent"  or you are  auditioning for a  small showcase or a local band or talent show.


Your Brand of Guitar Does Not Matter Either

It does not matter if you are in a band or not...  It does not matter if you play  Beatles cover tunes, all originals or if you are a metal band or  if you are in a church worship band. It does not matter what  type of music that  you play or if you are  young, old, just getting started or if you play guitar professionally...

The only thing that matters is that you HAVE A BRAIN and that you have the DESIRE to overcome STAGE FRIGHT so that you can play your guitar as the MAXIMUM YOU! Not the wimpy, hesitant, nervous and scared you.

This Program

So why should you trust me  to help you get rid of your stage fright problem?

I'm the best person on the planet to help you Eliminate Your Stage Fright.

Plus YOU are
Getting a 100%

If for any reason ANY TIME EVER!

This amazing No Stage Fright For Guitar Players book and CD  comes with an unlimited

If at anytime in your entire life
you feel that this program does not take away all of your  stage fright / performance anxiety with your guitar playing and give you all of the SELF CONFIDENCE AND FOCUS THAT YOU WANT both on and off stage in your guitar playing  simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price. (minus shipping and handling)
I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% confident that it will work for you!
The way that I look at it, if  I'm not helping you I do not deserve to keep your money! ( Note: downloads are not refundable)

So why not get over your stage fright.
Get ahead start in making all of your


"How To Eliminate Stage Fright For Guitar Players"


Guitar Players

How To Eliminate Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety
Will Take You From Where
You Are Right Now To Where
YOU Want To Be

We are in Guitar Player Magazine and Guitar World Magazine For A Reason!

With Guitar player  Mike Guerrero "The Tapping Ninja"

guitar players how to eliminate stage fright for guitar players cd book by chris cady
guitar players how to eliminate stage fright for guitar players cd book   by chris cady
guitar player Dave Meniketti of y and T with Chris Cady
guitar player Dave Meniketti of y and T playing  blusey rock guitar solo
guitar player  japanese heavy  metal Akira Takasaki of Loudness taken by chris cady
guitar player atomic tommy of ufo with  chris cady hypnotist
hypnotist chris cady and rock neo classical guitar player yngwie malmsteen  backstage
Backstage in Concord With Dave Meniketti Guitar Player and Singer of Rock Band  Y & T
Dave Meniketti of Y & T Plays Rock and Blues Guitar With Passion
& Confidence. He has ZERO STAGE FRIGHT.
"Open fire when I hit the stage..."
Concert stage photo of Lead Guitar Player Akira Takasaki of the Japanese band, Loudness.
I took this photo from the side of the stage during a solo when they played in San Jose.

Backstage photo of  me with for Guitarist  Atomic Tommy of UFO
Taken somewhere in The San Francisco Bay Area

Backstage photo of  me with  Guitarist  Yngwie Malmsteen
Taken in Oakland California 1986

brian johnson singer of rock n roll band acdc with  hypnotist chris cady  missing is  angus young  has no stage fright
Backstage photo of  me with  Brian Johnson of ACDC
Taken in San Francisco California 1986 or 1987
Missing photo Angus Young.(lead guitar player)

To Order a DOWNLOADABLE  Ebook & Mp3 Version of
"How To Eliminate Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety For Guitar Players"
CLICK the Icon
and I will email you a copy within a few hours
anywhere in the world too.
Note: Ebooks are non refundable because you can't return a digital product.


of "How To Eliminate Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety For Guitar Players"
The Price is $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping & handling
it is tax deductible too.
I ship worldwide daily to Guitar Players in the
The USA, Australia, U.K. Canada & everywhere else.

craig goldy guitar player of Dio ronnie james dio Giuffria, rough cutt

Craig Goldy, Guitar Player From The  Band "Dio" - Ronnie James Dio
"Don't Be Like Me. I had stage fright & was scared to death. Don't let a couple of drinks be your cure. Don't let 20 years pass you by only able to enjoy the gig after it is over because you are afraid & focused on failure, rejection, failing equipment & your doubts.  Instead Get This Program Because It WORKS!"
Craig Goldy, Guitar Player From Ronnie James Dio, Disciples of Dio, Giuffria, Rough Cutt.
And Author of "Destiny Bridge How To Fast Track Your Talent Into A Successful Career In Music!"
guitarist sergio vallin of the  latin rock group man'a
Guitarist Sergio Vallin of Man'a
He plays guitar on stage with
confidence. If you ever want to hear and experience
beautiful Latin & rock guitar playing. Listen to Sergio Vallin.
I took this picture at the NAMM Show in 2015
Overcome Stage Fright  & performance anxiety For Playing Guitar
and Make 2022 the year that you LIVE YOUR DREAMS

guitar players liem phil judd and hansom dan plaing live
guitar player liem plays acoustic guitar live
guitar solo during dueling guitars liem bailey
lead electric guitar player phill shouse fires up the audeince during dueling guitar solo
guitar players dueling performing without any stagefright
dueling lead and steel guitar rodney atkins band in concert
All of the guitar players in the Rodney Atkins Band
playing country music and jamming on stage.
Lead Guitar Player Phil Shouse Of Rodney Atkins Band pumps up the audience.
Shortly before the show he told me that he does not get stage fright or performance anxiety. He GETS EXCITED!
He is probably one of the most energetic guitar players in country music.
He now plays with Gene Simmons of KISS.
Liam Bailey plays guitar, violin, banjo in the Rodney Atkins band and he sings too. When you speak with him, you'd better be prepared to say more then, "dude you rock."
He plays guitar and sings beautifully and he is one of the most interesting musicians
that I have ever met. We spoke at length about connecting with audience members and he engaged me in a fascinating conversation that was far "deeper" then I would have ever expected to have with a musician or pretty much anyone while drinking beers while on a tour bus at 3am.
He shared with me one of the funniest stories about overcoming stage fright & performance anxiety that I have ever heard from any musician, guitar player or entertainer.
guitar technician jeff with guitar player light man on tour bus
guitar technician jeff pelizzari and hypnotist chris cady on a tour bus after concert
guitar technician jeff pelizzari prapares acoustic and electric guitars before the concert
Dueling guitar players play guitar with confidence
Guitar Technician Jeff "1 F" prepares Rodney Atkins Guitars Just before his concert. Jeff  refers to his space backstage as "Guitar World"
On The Tour bus with  Rodney Atkins guitar player & my buddy guitar technician "Jeff 1 F"
along with super cool light tech John.
3 awesome country guitar players tear it up on stage
fearless, focused and confident!
How To Eliminate Stage Fright
For Guitar Players. Gets Rid of ALL of
YOUR Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety.
It takes you from where you are right now
to where YOU WANT TO BE In a Hurry!

guitar player guitarist yngwie malmsteen no stagefright photo taken by hypnotist chris cady
Here is a photo I took from "the pit" of Guitarist  Yngwie Malmsteen  at his concert.
He Clearly has NO STAGE FRIGHT

Who Got My Stage Fright Book and CD / MP3 Program.
I have more further down the page.
This testimonial is from a Chiropractic Doctor who also plays guitar in a Church Worship Band.

Hey Chris, this is David Hancock the Chiropractor from Prescott AZ.
I purchased your Stage fright for guitar players program about a year ago and did everything by the book for a couple of months. I experienced a good level of improved relaxation when playing guitar in general, but as I mentioned to you, I was still very shaky when playing solos. I think the phrase I used was, "shaking up a storm."

So about a month ago I decided to listen to your CD again several times and review the written material to see if I could truly just let the music flow like it does in practice. You will be happy to know that I have been seeing a dynamic improvement in my level of relaxation even when playing solos! In fact at church today I felt a 90-95% reduction in shaking and for the first time ever in a public setting I felt like I was just kicking butt! It was the most relaxed I have ever been in my life!

I guess my subconscious mind needed an extra deep cleansing of old beliefs and habits, right?

What a pleasant and welcome surprise!
I wanted you to know that your track record of success with stage fright which I assume is excellent continues to be so, and I am one very satisfied customer!  I hope you are doing well  and enjoying life as much as you should because you help so many people
Thanks from the bottom of my heart,
Chris, you are the man
David Hancock, Prescott, AZ
scorpions guitar player matthias jabbs and chris cady after a  concert
Here I am
With Matthias Jabbs (Guitar Player) of The Scorpions. This band is fearless, playing with confidence.
  without any stage fright!
scorpions guitar player rudolph schenker with hypnotist Chris Cady backstage at after a scorpions  concert
With Rudolf Schenker (Guitar Player) of The Scorpions

Soon I will post more photos of other great guitar players who do not have stage fright or performance anxiety & who are also
are fearless on stage.
Eddie Van Halen, Dave Meniketti of Y&T, Sammy Hagar, Carlos Santana Joe Satriani.

Imagine how much better you'd play GUITAR if you had NO FEAR!
Is stage fright keeping you from reaching your dreams?
With this new breakthrough program you will mentally "flip a switch"  and "flip off" nervousness, fear and doubt, and "switch on." CONFIDENCE, FOCUS AND POWER, so that you command the stage and play guitar with CONFIDENCE, the way that you do in your DREAMS.
"How To Eliminate Stage Fright  For Guitar Players" Is Your Solution
We are in Guitar Player Magazine and Guitar World Magazine For A Reason!
Guitar Technician Jeff "1 F" And I on a tour bus after a concert.
guitar keyboard david hancock plays guitar confidently without stage fright or performance anxiety
stage fright hypnotist with guitarist mike guerrero