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Attention Guitar Players Who Need Help Staying Focused And Motivated
It does not matter if you play electric, acoustic, rock, country, bluegrass, classical or if you play a mandolin.

This is The Breakthrough Guitar Motivation Program That Releases The Untapped Potential of Your Brain and
Gives You Super High Levels of Self Confidence, Removes FEAR OF FAILURE
Keeps Guitar Players Motivated, Inspired and Making Rapid Progress
So YOU Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary Guitar Playing In Record Time.

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Super Self Confidence For Guitar Players
Through Power Hypnosis
By Master Hypnotist
Chris Cady

is the worlds most powerful CD or Mp3 download for helping any GUITAR PLAYER to have incredible Self Confidence
almost INSTANTLY! (Yes even YOU)

By using hypnosis to turn
your feelings of

Self Doubt, Fear of FAILURE, Anxiety, Frustration and lack of FOCUS

Once You Do This YOU Will
Go further  In Your GUITAR PLAYING Skills
Than You've Ever Gone Before.

It Works Almost INSTANTLY!
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Let's face it
Most  GUITAR PLAYERS are living their  FEARS instead of  LIVING their DREAMS!

Here is one of the many testimonials that I have received

"I don't know how you do it!
My name is Richard Riggs, I live in Hampstead NC  and I got your Self Confidence For Guitar Players CD. Let me tell you that, YOU ARE AMAZING!  I have been listening to it for 2 weeks now and it REALLY WORKS!
I'm practicing more and I can't wait to play in front of people.  I listen to it at night and I get super relaxed and I  drift off to sleep. When I wake up I feel super charged again and I PLAY GUITAR!
Thank you very much.
Richard Riggs,Hampstead, NC

This CD or Mp3 download  will help even YOU
Progress Very Quickly In Your Guitar Playing Because It Will


that you have about yourself as a guitar player / musician  and as a person.
Including stage fright and performance anxiety, overwhelm, frustration from being  “stuck” and  not  making rapid progress in

What is it that really great guitar players have that you don't?

They might have more money, a better guitar, fortune, fame, a  record deal and they probably play GUITAR a heck of a lot better than you do.

But what they really have is a very high level of CONFIDENCE!

This is true because without a  very high level of self confidence, none of those other things  HAPPEN.

By the way, you may have noticed that I did not mention TALENT.
That's because with  rare exception, TALENT   truly is not something that you are born with.  “Talent” is just another word for “skill” that is  learned and developed  through  consistent practice, just like any other skill.

The good news is that

It does not matter where you are in your life and in your  guitar playing right now because having very high levels of self confidence will help you get what you want out of life.

In a few days from now my CD or Mp3 download  will help you  have all the confidence that you need so that you can play  your  guitar as the MAXIMUM YOU! Instead of the  nervous, frustrated, agitated, overwhelmed wimpy and unfocused you.

Lets face it.

Most  guitar players are living their FEARS instead of  LIVING their DREAMS!

As a musician your self esteem and self confidence is the most important part of your personality. It precedes and predicts your  behavior and how you interact with other people, other musicians, your audience  and how you “talk” through your GUITAR.

How Would You Like To Have Incredible Levels of Self Confidence

With both guitar and in every area of your life but especially with your guitar playing so that you can instantly flip a switch, drop your baggage, lift off unsupportive feelings of fear, self doubt, negativity anxiety, hesitation, failure,  frustration, lack of focus... that  result in  poor playing or not playing guitar at all.

Super Self Confidence For Guitar Players Is The Solution That YOU Need!

Here is How It Works!

Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones and you will quickly drift into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis. You will also sleep wonderfully all night long. During this time you will hear my gentle voice speaking to you while soothing music plays gently in the background. I will give your subconscious hypnotic suggestions for having


Here is what will happen:
In just a few days..

Most  people will begin to think and feel confidently starting immediately. They will practice and play more. They will be in a very focused and confident state of mind which results in   fast progress and better playing.  However no matter how confident that you get with your guitar and no matter how much you improve in your guitar playing, you  should continue  to listen to this CD or Mp3 download every night for 30 nights so that you get  a lot of reinforcement.

As a result you will  feel  totally confident in your ability to learn and play guitar and to master new chords, scales, notes, techniques and songs and in a “nutshell” your overall  guitar playing will improve QUICKLY.

As well you will notice that when it comes to “things”

YOU WILL TAKE ACTION! Instead of just think about all the things that you  know you should be doing with your guitar.

You WILL TAKE CONTROL! Instead of being sidelined by fearful or wimpy thoughts!

You will be FOCUSED! Instead of being constantly distracted by everything.

You will attract other successful  positive people into your life including  other good musicians and possibly even  music industry people because they will pick up on your positive confident vibe!

You will create your future! Instead of just getting what comes to you!

You will condition yourself for success as a guitar player! Because you will think positively and optimistically and confidently all the time!

You will overcome fear of failure! Because you will  be totally focused on a positive outcome in your guitar playing and in other areas of your life!

You will look, behave, learn and play guitar and everything else and make decisions from a place of total self confidence! Because a program called TOTAL SELF CONFIDENCE will be running through your head instead of a program called, “fear.”

You will be totally focused on a positive outcome!

All of this will happen because your CONFIDENCE, FAITH and BELIEF in yourself as a guitar player, musician and as an overall person will improve.

Why Should YOU Get This CD or Mp3 Program

Created by a Peak Performance Hypnotist Chris Cady who is
(who is also an entertainer and who plays guitar)

I am based out of Reno, Nevada, where he works with  musicians, entertainers, athletes, business people, students and other folks who are looking to improve their lives.

I am
Not the guy who ALMOST Gets Results!

Super Self Confidence with Power Hypnosis download or CD For Guitar Players has improved the lives of hundreds of guitar players of all ages.

This amazing CD or Mp3 download comes with an unlimited NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. ANY TIME EVER.
If for any reason that you  feel that this CD or Mp3 download  does not give you all of the SELF-CONFIDENCE  that you want in your guitar playing, music, and other areas of your life.  Simply return it and I will refund 100% of your purchase price minus shipping and handling.

I can offer you this guarantee because I am 100% certain that it WILL work for you!

So  you really owe it to yourself  to give yourself all of the confidence that you can
play YOUR Guitar As The MAXIMUM YOU!

Get it NOW!

Now, even if you are a guitar player and  you are not  a Steve Vai fan. You will still greatly benefit from his advice.The video  above of guitar player Steve Vai is not a "pitch" for my self confidence for guitar players CD.  I posted this interview with Steve Vai here  because gives guitar players AWESOME ADVICE. He talks about  FOCUS, playing guitar for  hours,  using your imagination to play better.  "Seeing it in your imagination, hearing it, etc"  Unfortunately this interview only scratches the surface of how a guitar player or any musician can use the power of their subconscious mind to improve their guitar playing. HOWEVER  every guitar player should see  this  interview because I know it will help you with your mindset and the mental aspect of  being a better  guitarist.  After you watch this video, I think you will understand why my downloadable that helps  guitar players with  self confidence and focus, will help you take your  guitar playing skills to a whole new level.

Kirk Hammit (Lead guitar player) of Metallica!
Even if you somehow don't like Metallica, you really should see this guitar video!
If you are looking for inspiring words or some inspiration that will help boost your confidence as a guitar player, I posted this cool video of the lead guitarist of Metallica Kirk Hammit just for you! Hopefully you may find this video inspiring in your guitar. Toward the end of the video he speaks about Jimi Hendrix and "wanting to play the guitar well" and "wanting to play guitar as good as he possibly could."

He talks about sticking with guitar and being passionate about the passion and  how he "loves being in the zone" "taken somewhere else and being wrapped up in pure creative expressive expression" and being "transformed"  and how "guitar is the best thing that he has ever discovered in his life."

When you watch this video you will notice that  Kirk is emotional  and speaks  a bit unusually.   I'm sure that you will also notice what I feel are very unfair comments about him that some musicians or "haters" posted about him.

Here is my "take" on this.  To begin, he looks to me like he has a cold in this video. Next: I suspect that he is an introvert and he puts his emotion into his guitar playing rather then into words.

You see,  Back in the 80's I met and spoke with Kirk several times simply because I suppose that we shared somewhat similar interests.   I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and  if you were into music, and comic books, you pretty much "hung out" in the same handful of places and as a result would "bump into" the same people all the time.

Most of them were musicians!

I first discovered Metallica back around 1982 or 83 when the, "Kill Em All" album came out.  They were a big hit in the San Francisco Bay Area clubs.  I worked at a hard rock radio station called "KVHS" and we were the only station in the USA ( at the time) who played Metallica. I used to spend a lot of time in Berkeley and San Francisco and I used to bump into Kirk at comic book shops and record stores like, "Rasputins Records" on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, "Tower Records" "The Record Exchange" and at a variety of  comic book stores or at "The Record Vault."   We would  also somehow bump into one another at various rock concerts or clubs like "Ruthies Inn," "The Omni" and "The Stone in San Francisco."  Metallica was also very accessible back then because they were not "super stars" the way that they are today and  you could pretty much drink beer with them in the parking lot before a concert.  Anyhow, whenever I saw Kirk he was always soft spoken, reserved and seemed a bit uncomfortable when fans would spot him.   He was this way with me too and he would often just nod his head, smile sheepishly and respond "cheers." But then after a few years of this, one day  we ended up across from one another at a comic book bin and  he and my friend  had the same significant interest in a particular comic book ( I wish I could remember which one)  and we all spoke at length and one of the things that he said to me was, "Sometimes people think that I'm stuck up, but when fans come up to me to speak to me, I'm uncomfortable and I'm not sure what to say. But with you dudes I'm talking today."

After that I still kept bumping into him and he progressed from a simple  head nod to calling me, "Dude."    This little story has nothing to do with staying motivated to practice your guitar but  the video does.  So I hope that you will watch it and enjoy!

Below is a great interview with  James Hetfield he says some wonderful things about playing  music.
guitar self confidence motivation practice mp3 download and cd program for guitarists

Super Self Confidence For Guitar Players
This is The Breakthrough Guitar Motivation Program That Releases The Untapped Potential of Your Brain and
Gives You Super Self Confidence
Keeps Guitar Players Motivated, Inspired and Making Rapid Progress
So YOU Go From Ordinary To Extraordinary Guitar Playing In Record Time.

I placed this other video from Guitar Player Steve Vai here
for  guitar players or any musician looking for some  help in
How to be  successful  musician.

I also put a few of the words from the transcription here:

How you become successful in the music business:

"I  think the first thing is we need to identify with what it is that we
really want... Because whatever it is truly believe
that's what's going on..
the thing that you're most comfortable with...

Because the only thing that's holding you back
is the way you think." - Steve Vai

Guitar Players
Order By Midnight
March 4 2022 &
YOU Will Get
WORTH $250.00
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session with me by phone)

electric guitars on display
Guitars on display keep a musician motivated. Thats why I put this photo of these cool guitars here.
custom electric rock and roll guitar
This awesome guitar was on display at the NAMM SHOW.
Just looking at it gives me motivation to practice.
Guitarist Mike Guerrero Guitar tapping ninja plays shred guitar at namm show
Guitarist Mike Guerrero Guitar tapping ninja
playing awesome heavy metal "shred guitar" with confidence
gibson guitars throne of guitars at namm show
Here is Gibson Guitars Awesome Guitar Throne.
Taken at the NAMM SHOW.
go ahead and print out the photo
and visualize yourself sitting there.
Hopefully it will motivate you
to practice your guitar.
stage fright hypnotist confidence anxiety coach chris cady and guitarist mike guerrero
Hypnotist Chris Cady and Guitarist Mike Guerrero Guitar tapping ninja
Mike is an incredibly confident guitar player who was discovered by my friend  Craig Goldy of Dio.
His Guitar Shred CD is AWESOME!

man'a guitar player sergio vallin  mana
This is Sergio Vallin. He is the guitarist
for one of my favorite bands "Mana"
He is probably one of the top guitar players in the world.
His guitar playing is  muey fantastico.
He plays with confidence, grace
and beauty.
You only get this good through lots of practice
and focus!
custom beautiful guitars on display
More beautiful guitars to keep you focused and motivated
to practice.
country music guitar player and singer from the freightshakers plays confidently on stage
This is the singer and guitar player for the new country band "The Freightshakers" I saw them at the NAMM show
for the first time. They are incredible and they played with total confidence on a very small stage in  the very small Hilton hotel lounge that was being used as a night club for the NAMM Showcasing bands.
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