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I Have Created This Page As a World Wide Resource For Guitar Players and other Musicians. Performers, Artists, Public Speakers, Comedians, Actors, And DJs

It will list  world wide products, people, services, and links that are related to
helping musicians and performers.

My programs help eliminate stage fright and boost self confidence but I know that there are  many other programs and products that can  help musicians and other entertainers  improve their craft in a with a variety of ways.  So if you  would like to link your product or service here for FREE.   I will be happy to do so.
All I ask for is  a link  to my home page or to the page that is a closest match  to whatever it is that you offer. This way we can  real help  entertainers who need it.

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Billboard Magazine is a great music industry magazine.

ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Hypnotist Chris Cady ( you might recognize that name) is an amazing hypnotist who  helps people  get rid of their stage fright, overcome other fears and phobias, stop smoking, lose weight and he also performs an amazing comedy hypnosis show too.
If you go to that site you will see a lot of other information about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and videos of comedy hypnosis shows.

Comic Dante Rusciolelli, Rebekah Kochan and Golden Artists Entertainment
Represents  Comedians, magicians, musicians, hypnotists, celebrities  and other variety entertainment and entertainers. They also make some pretty cool movies too.

Mister X Guitar, Bass,  Musical ONLINE Repair consultation.
If you have a acoustic or an electric  guitar or a bass or mandolin  that needs repair but you want to fix it yourself  yet you need to consult with an expert online who can help walk you through the repair. I have the resource for YOU.
I am very good friends with an expert  guitar repair technician who we will call Mr. X.    Since 1980 something he has  worked as a touring guitar  technician for  some of the top touring musicians and bands in country, rock and pop music.
And when things go wrong with their guitars and bases he is the man who they  trust to  fix and maintain them.
Mostly he does this while on tour.  But on occasion he  works on  guitars or consults with people who need help fixing a problem with a guitar or a mandolin or a bass.  BEST OF ALL BECAUSE OF TECHNOLOGY HE CAN WORK VIA  INTERNET WEB CAM, PHONE, VIDEO ETC
Some of his clients include:
John Fogerty     Paul Rogers  Whitesnake
Rob Thomas   One REpublic
Big and Rich    Clint Black
Sugarland     Jo Dee Messina
Wynonna     LFO
Terri Clark    Tim McGraw
DC TAlk   Jars of Clay
Gin Blossms   Dickie Betts

Here is what he will do for you.  You can contact him and then use your  web cam,  on your  computer, ipad or your  face time on your cell phone or your  cell phone camera or video camera and  show him  the problem on your guitar or bass and he will  consult with you and help walk you through the repair so that you can save a bundle and fix it yourself  under the direction of  guitar repair expert.   You will find that his  fee for consultation is quite reasonable.
Mr X is a bit o an introvert though.  He does not give out his telephone to  people outside of the industry. If you are interested in his services email ME  Chris Cady  at       and I will put him in touch with you.

Here are a few music industry related videos for musicians. I have noting to do with them. I just think they are  interesting, well done and a good educational resource for musicians.

no performance anxiety or stage fright james brown the godfather of soul and chris cady
Chris Cady
James Brown