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Discover The Secret of How To Get Your Band Out of The Garage and Into The Arenas!
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Who Else Wants To Be Mentored By A World Famous Musician
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He went from living in a car to headlining arenas and touring the world for the last 28 years.
And Now He Will Reveal The SECRETS to Getting A Record Deal And Obtaining Success In The Music Business.

    Dear Musician,
    It does not matter what kind of music that you play, who you are, where you are from, or if you are 14 or 40.  It does not matter if you  look like a  model or if you look like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down...

( If you follow this advice, it is the EASIEST AND The Fastest easiest way to get you and your band much closer to where you want to be as a musician.)

Who Else Wants To Be Mentored By A Famous Musician?

Do you DREAM about becoming a famous successful musician?

Do you want to get your band out of the garage and into the arena?

If so, you have a world of choices.

You could get on a top T.V. show like, “The Voice” “American Idol” “Americas Got Talent” “Britain's Got Talent” “Canadian Idol,” “Australian Idol” or some other type of  “talent T.V. show” for musicians.

A record company scout or A & R person could stumble in to your next gig and discover you.

You can show up to NAMM and  hand out your demo to every musician within arms reach hoping they will listen to it and  help you get a record deal.

Your rich uncle could die and leave you a million dollars or you could win the lotto and  start your own record company.

But the odds of any of those things happening are about 10 million to 1 so that's why...

If you DREAM of becoming a famous musician but find that success is out of your reach, you really need to read this right now.


I'm friends with A Famous Musician Who Will Share The Secrets of Success In The Music Business With YOU!

For now, I'm going to kep the musicians name a SECRET!

So for now I will call him, "Mr. X"

Here is what I will tell you about him though.  Mr. X  is best known as a guitar player. However he plays several other instruments.  Mr. X started off in the music business without ANY special contacts. Mr. X is  famous and now he wants to  give back and share his knowledge with musicians.

He will do it through a very special book and for a few musicians, a very special mentoring program.

Very soon this book and program will be made available to you and it may be available for a limited time only so

if you are even remotely interested in learning the SECRETS that only a famous successful musician like Mr. X would be able to teach you...

then  you really owe it to yourself to read the rest of this page and then reserve your copy of his  book.

I am NOT taking pre-orders and I do not want any money from you right now. All I want you to do is read  the rest of this page and if you are interested send me an email with your  name and email address so that I can  contact you when it is ready ( probably in December 2014)

Ok now let me ask you something

Do you  really DREAM of being a professional musician with all your heart, body and soul but you don't really  know how to achieve your DREAM?

Are you frustrated because you can't get your songs to the right people?

Do you  not even know where to start?

Perhaps I can help you.

For most musicians, your career will be an expensive experience.

Without the right knowledge you are practically doomed from the beginning.

This is because no matter how much you spend in  blood, sweat and tears practicing, playing and trying to get discovered,  the real SECRET  to you being discovered by a record company will be kept from you and STARDOM will always be on the other side of a door that is sealed shut and guarded by pit bulls.

This book gives you the magic key that opens the door.

It does not matter if you play rock and roll, country, blues, R&B, hip hop, blue grass or jazz.

If you are a musician who is serious about  success in the music business,  pretty soon I will be able to  help you.

Here is why:
Like I said earlier,

Earlier this year I teamed up with a very famous musician who I will just call Mr. X 

who has been  playing at one of the highest levels of the music industry for probably 28 years now.

I first met him back stage at the Oakland Coliseum  in 1986 when I was in high school.  You might find it weird that a high school kid could manage to get back stage and meet a world famous musician but I did.  He was nice to me then and he is nice to me now. 

When I met him, the concert  was sold out, with approximately 10,000 people there and he was riding high on fame and living his DREAM.

He shared with me that just a few months earlier he had been living in a car!

I never forgot that!
Time went by...
I worked in a variety of positions in the music industry including radio, and at a few different record companies... I worked in other areas of the music business...


Earlier this year I  contacted him to see if he would be interested in writing a book for musicians about how to succeed in the music business. After much discussion he said that he wanted to co-author a book with me and reveal  some of the most hidden secrets to success in the music business.  These are SECRETS that only  musicians at the very highest levels of the  business know.

These are SECRETS that are normally ONLY learned  through the school of hard knocks, once you have a record deal and you are actively recording and performing as a signed artist.

Regardless of how old you are, what country that you live in or  what kind of music that you play,
this is a step by step road map that will accelerate your music journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Some of the topics include:

What  record companies really look for in their artists  when considering them for a record contract.

The secret keys that make up a hit song.

The missing secret ingredient of hit songs and how to easily fix it if these secret ingredients are missing from your songs.

The secret to developing your own unique style.

The qualities of a hit band.

The biggest mistake bands make when selecting a vocalist and how to avoid them.

The secret  approach to music and why ignoring it will keep you unknown and broke

How to bypass a record companies “NO unsolicited material policy" and get your songs through to a decision maker!

How to get a powerful manager to represent you.

How to get your music played on the radio.

2 things every singer and guitar player must do to REALLY stand out.

One of the biggest lies that  90% of musicians believe that costs them dearly.

What goes on behind closed  record company doors that decides the fate of your band.

Secrets of a fly on the wall in a studio of a  record company executive.

The 12 qualities of successful bands that have sold millions of records consistently over a 10 year period.

Understanding publishing and royalties.

How to be the, “now sound”

Why you must know the rules so that you can break them.

How to turn your  musical weaknesses into strengths.

How to fine tune your minds inner ear.

All about magical musical moments.

3 easy tricks that will take you from mediocre musician to impressive musician very quickly.

How to develop your improvisational skills in  record time.

What you must know about  lyrics even if you don't  write them

The "S.T.A.R  System" that will make you shine above the the other musicians.

Inside secrets to selling merchandise. Without this your DEAD!

A super secret live set outline that only hit bands have figured out. This is why the hit bands stay hit bands and continue to sell out concert after concert.

What “one hit wonders” and signed bands who vanish after 1 or 2 records do not know that you will know after you read this book.

What to do if you do not want a recording contract and  instead you want to sell your music on the internet without a record company.

And more...

This book is designed to give musicians the equivalency of 20 year of knowledge that normally is only achieved the hard way.  The advice that  Mr. X will give you comes directly from a professional recording and touring musician who has been recording and performing at  a very high level for 28 years.

My contribution to the book is primarily from my experience working in  radio, publicity,  concert promotion, artist management and as a record company promotion executive and A&R assistant.  I am also a hypnotherapist and I help musicians boost their creativity and overcome stage fright.

I'm confident that any musician who reads this book and has the talent, drive and desire to succeed in the music business  will receive the kind of success that until now was almost impossible to receive and achieve.

This book is written in plain English in a very conversational style as if Mr. X were speaking with you one on one while you are both drinking a beer.  Even if you are a total dolt, you will be able to  understand and use his simple but powerful advice.

This book will be released in December of 2014.
  We may offer a very limited release that is personally autographed by both of us and most likely the initial copies will sell out  very quickly.

If you would like to receive notice of the programs release before it is available to the general public
send an email to

and  put in the subject line    MR. X MUSICIANS SUCCESS SECRETS!

Then in the  body of your email  give me your name
and just your country, city and state and tell me what  kind of music that you play just so I know who is looking at this.   As soon as the book is ready I will personally notify you so that you have first shot at your own copy. I will also reveal who the musician is at that time and I will tell you the price.

I'm not sure what price we are going to charge for this program. Its probably worth a million bucks. But you won't have to pay anything even close to that.

One last thing... It does not matter if you play rock, country, R&B, hip hop, jazz, blue grass or anything else... It does not matter if you live in the  USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, South America, Italy or anywhere else.  These music industry success secrets are not specific or unique to the United States.  Mr. X  is an American musician who plays and sells records all over the world. His music industry secrets will work in your country too!

Legendary Famous Musician / Songwriter And A Former Radio and Music Industry Executive  Reveals The Secrets To Writing Hit Songs
And To Getting Your Demo Into The Hands Of Music Industry Executives.