my charity work for music children animals
A bit about my charity work for music and the performing arts
children, animals and handicapped people.
"Service to others is the rent that I pay for space on this Earth."

Have you heard the following song by Nickelback?

"I want a brand new house on an episode of cribs
and a bathroom I can play baseball in.
Hey Hey I wanna be a rock star."

I love that song too.  But guess what buckwheat?
I don't  need a bathroom or a house quite that big. I don't need  15 cars...
And I don't really want any of the other stuff that they mention in that cool song.
I'm happy with my one truck, my dogs, my guitar and my family.  (I know that this is starting to sound like a country song) but its true. 

But I DO want  the world to be filed with the sounds of music and I DO want to help children and animals and  I DO want to contribute to everything that is good in the world.

  That's why I donate $10.00 from every sale  of all of my  stage fright programs to charity.
I don't do it as a tax incentive. It's not court ordered, and no one has "guilted me" into it. In fact, no one even asked me to and people rarely even thank me for doing it.

I just do it because...I actually want to!

While I have been donating or tithing for a very long time.  I have been impressed by artists like James Brown,  Sammy Hagar, Kid Rock, Stephen King, Dean Koontz,  Steve "The Woz" Wozniak, Oprah and a variety of other folks.  Who help solve a lot of problems by spreading the wealth. While I don't have their dough, I still want to do my part.

So here is how it  breaks down

$5.00  from each sale  is used to support  children's music programs;
It seems like there is always plenty of money available to paint football helmets for young men who want to crash their skulls into each other and grunt a lot, but  there is never money  to help support  music and the performing arts and children who want to fill the world with the sounds of music. That is why  $5.00 from each  sale goes to a special fund to buy musical instruments for kids and schools who need musical instruments.

The next $5.00 from each sale goes to support a variety of charities that I believe in.   I send money to
The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, my church, and a variety of churches and synagogues  that I  don't even go
to but that I hear are doing good work.

If you ever want to  see what it looks like to shock a priest. Just walk into the business office of a church that you don't  belong to  and  ask for the Father and  then hand him a fat check or a fist full of cash and don't ask for anything in return.  It's a lot of fun, and "magic" will happen in your  life.  Just trust me!

Next: I donate to  the Red Cross,  Northern Nevada Food Bank,  Care Chest of Sierra Nevada, The Humane Society, MADD and Toys For Tots.  There are a variety of others plus there is also a nursing scholarship that I send money to.

Also whenever I perform for a public show, I ask the promoter to  give FREE tickets to all active duty United States Military as my way of saying thanks.

It all works out for me because, "Service to others is the rent that I pay for space on this Earth."

So whenever you purchase any  of my programs, you now know that  $10.00 of each sale goes  back into the world in a form of good will.
I encourage everyone to donate to some sort of charity or engage in some kind of charity work.

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