Testimonials of People Who Overcame Stage Fright Performance Anxiety
Testimonials & Reviews From People Who Overcame Stage Fright Performance Anxiety As a Result of Working With Me
On Their Stage Fright, Self Confidence, Focus and Other Issues That Entertainers, Performers, Musicians, Comedians, Athletes and Sometimes Even "normal people"  and Business People Need Help With.

Most of them are stories about musicians and entertainers who I helped who had stage fright  /  performance anxiety. Some are non show business people. Either way, you should read them and then ask yourself how I might apply what I do to help YOU in YOUR own unique situation. I have intentionally left off names and any hints as to  who these people are.

My name is Chris Cady and I have been a Stage Hypnotist and  hypnotherapist for many years now but between 2008 and 2011 I had an ongoing run in a performing arts center theater in Reno NV and at the Horizon Hotel Casino in S. Lake Tahoe.  I also perform all over the planet for audiences of all sizes.

During the time of my ongoing shows, ( and even now) many musicians and other entertainers and their crew came to see my show. Creative people are always interested in hypnosis so after every show they would want to, "hang out" and  they would

frequently ask about using hypnosis for themselves to work on some form of stage fright or performance anxiety or  other issues that are idiosyncratic to entertainers, artists and to people who work in in show business who always have to “bring it” and be 100% at every show or recording session and who live and work in close proximity to each other for long periods of time (not necessarily by choice). I should mention that they also usually have all sorts of unhealthy habits or unusual beliefs about things.

While most of the issues that the musicians / entertainers wanted to work on were regarding 
stage fright / performance anxiety, recording fright and self confidence and pressure / stress and creative issues both on stage and off, (which I will discuss here)

There were other issues as well:

Some of my clients only had "challenges" that were only a  problem in certain venues or situations such as performing outdoors vs performing indoors,   performing in a small venue vs a large one. Being able to sleep well on an airplane or a tour bus and not being irritated or startled awake by certain noises and announcements made on airplanes and at airports.  Some had claustrophobia or felt claustrophobic on planes, buses vans, boats etc and  I used hypnosis to help them so that they could use less or even zero alcohol... Staying patient with other band or cast members who irritated them,  being able to nap in a dressing room or in an airport, not being bothered by the smell of diesel fuel that gets into clothing while living on a tour bus.  (Your average person never faces these problems because they are unique to entertainers.)

Then of course there were entertainers who needed help not smoking or drinking or using drugs while still being surrounded by it. Musicians would have requests and concerns like
"I want to or need to stop smoking / drinking but I'm surrounded by musicians and crew and other people who smoke and drink 24 / 7.  How can I  stop in this situation?"

I would help them quit or at least reduce, under these challenging circumstances.

Being able to ignore other people who smoke or drink or wear certain fragrances or tolerate listening to music that other people love but that they hate, not getting tired of their own music night after night...
staying positive despite profound fatigue and pressure.

Then there are other issues of course:  younger less seasoned musicians or actors who  have  fear of auditioning for  bands, choirs, competitions, plays, TV shows, movies, special  schools programs etc.  I used hypnosis with them to  "flip off" all their fear and self doubt and SWITCH ON CONFIDENCE.

Since using your No Stage Fright For Guitar Players CD I have jammed with friends and have felt no stage fright or butterflies or anything -
Now I can just play. So thanks a million!"

From Paralyzed With FEAR To Playing Guitar With CONFIDENCE!

Here is a testimonial from a guitar player who got my stagefright program after a frightening failure experience on stage! Every musician should read this true story!

(Note: I edited it down from several pages.)

"My name is (name removed) Since using your No Stage Fright For Guitar Players CD I have jammed with friends and have felt no stage fright or butterflies or anything -
Now I can just play. So thanks a million!"

Now here is the back story so that you know why I purchased your overcome stage fright for guitar players program.

I have been playing guitar for about 20 years on and off in a bunch of small bars and the like and in the mid 90's my band got to open for Steppenwolf. Cool right?


The band that I was in was called (name removed)  we were a very punk indie band and I didn't realize that we were walking onstage at a major festival with a crowd of about 1,000 bikers. We cranked up and stopped the whole crowd beer tents and all. I almost passed out. Suddenly the sky was a sea of beers and we were soaked in Coors and Bud Light.

Since that show, if I play for more than just a few people (especially other musicians) I freeze up and I'm taken back to that day opening for Steppenwolf where we dropped 1,000 jaws at once, in a bad way... my pulse will race and I'll start to fumble, and I'll get nervous enough to where I want to puke.

Recently I've been asked to join bigger bands playing for large crowds. I'm a good guitar player but I just get all butterflied up and turn away from the audience. I'd like to play again without freezing up. That's why I bought your  stage fright program.

Now here are the results after 2 weeks.
Since using your No Stage Fright For Guitar Players CD I have jammed with friends and have felt no stage fright or butterflies or anything -
Now I can just play. So thanks a million!"
(name band and city removed)


was ( and is)  a major issue too as was getting into the right mind set to "stay professional" and step out onto stage and give 110% EVERY NIGHT despite having a personal life that was chaotic and turbulent.

Here are a few stories about musicians and entertainers who I helped who had stage fright /  performance anxiety

In order to respect their privacy I have removed their names and the names of their band:
A successful and seemingly confident business executive came to me who told me that he felt as confident as a Military General until he got near a microphone.

Then his  knees would shake and his voice would tremble.  It was the only time he ever felt weak, fearful and insecure.   He knew that  it was not congruent with being the strong leader of a company and he wanted to fix it.   I hypnotized him and took him through my special  process for  eliminating  fear of public speaking and  had him stand on my stage and give several  speeches over a mic while powerful music played in the background and I got him to  connect feelings of POWER AND CONFIDENCE with the microphone. I got him to feel that a microphone was his special leadership weapon (after all he hold me he  wanted to feel like a General when using a mic and giving a speech)   and that he only amplified his POWER and not any weakness.     His stage fright went away and he speaks powerfully and confidently.


A guitar player came to me with stage fright. He felt that his solos were weak and not well received and that  he was  awkward with his movement on stage.  He said that he felt like a dork.  He also felt like the audience was  scrutinizing him instead of listening and enjoying  the music.   I  hypnotized him and got him to just channel the music and  let his body move with the groove and to just share his gift of music with the audience.   While hypnotized he grabbed his guitar and played for me quite beautifully.  We walked all over the stage right up to the edge of the stage and imaginatively looked at each seat one at a time, imaginatively looking into the eyes of each audience member and smiling and radiating love all while playing guitar.  Just feeling and radiating positive energy and letting his body move however the music made it as opposed to trying to choreograph a movement routine.  I then pumped him full of  hypnotic suggestions which were more like commands for feeling confidence and  power  and joy while on stage.   He reported that  the next time his band  performed  he  was not self-conscious and instead he felt  relaxed, “in the groove” and  like he had a commanding confidence and was extremely confident and blissful  and he performed with
zero stage fright.

Guitar Hero / Guitar Player Player From the 70's / 80s Stuck In A Rut:

I had a hypnosis show in the San Francisco Bay Area and after the show, while I was greeting the audience a teenage boy and his friend approached me and one of them reminded me that a year earlier right after the show I had hypnotized his friend  to play better golf.

His friend golfed that day and golfed better than ever, completely focused, in the zone etc.

I wish I remembered his score but I don't. I only remember that is was remarkable. I was not a bit surprised  that he had this result because great golf requires focus and relaxation and I have hypnotized many golfers who have had great results.  ( I also sell a remarkable CD for this and get wonderful letters from these golfers so I'm quite accustomed  to this feedback.)

Based on this experience, this young man  wanted to use hypnosis for help musically. So he told me that he and his dad were both musicians and guitar players and he wanted to know if I could  hypnotize them to  be more creative and to take creative chances and to progress in their guitar playing. 

He also said that his dad was a rock  musician and was musically stuck in a rut.  I agreed to help and  he called his father and I spoke with him.  He only told me his first name and based on the way that he spoke to me, I assumed he was in a local San Francisco Bay Area  “bar band.”

Boy was I wrong!

He invited me to come and hypnotize them at their house which was also their home studio.  It turned out this  musician / guitar player was from a well known 70's, 80's rock band. He told me that he had not played with other musicians or played live in a long time because he felt that he was not good anymore and that  anyone who saw him live would  be disappointed that he had digressed in his guitar playing.

Among other things  he talked about being stuck in  the same sound and the same  guitar solo since 1982. 

I remember  that he said that when he played guitar he would just automatically get fearful  and play  only in the same scale or same sound instead of experiment  musically even though he only had an audience of one.

He also told me that he felt that  he was kind of a fraud and that he thought he was,  “like Greg Brady who only got  the job playing guitar because he, “fit the costume.”   It was odd that I actually remembered that  episode of the Brady Bunch.  But "in a nutshell" he told me that he felt like he was not really a qualified musician.

I hypnotized him and his son and took away all his fathers beliefs that he had to be the same "rock star" and the same guitar player and the same type of musician that he was in the 70's and 80's and  I  took away his fear of  not being  talented enough and  to be open and  inspired to evolve musically and to move forward. 

I got them both to just focus and be in the moment  and to  be empowered to experiment and to FEEL that their guitars and their musical sessions were for musical experiments instead of  just reproducing old  known songs and known sounds. I also used a wonderful show business expression that I love,

Well suddenly they started playing all sorts of weird music that sounded like something that a jazz  musician or  Frank Zappa or the Grateful Dead  or Phish  would play.  Then he and his son challenged each other to a guitar duel and played their own very bizarre version of “Dueling Banjos”

which we called,
“Hypnotic Dueling Banjos of Burning Man”

Then while still hypnotized I got him to  pull up some  videos on youtube of  some jazz fusion guitar players and just start playing something similar.  They both did this.  Then I  gave them very strong  hypnotic suggestions for  feeling worthy, confident,  fearless and LOVED and open to music experimentation and to going out and playing with other musicians and to write and record experimentally and non judge mentally.
Problem solved.
He is writing and playing again. He actually plays guitar at jam nights and with other musicians.

Here is a testimonial from a NEW
Note: the comedian dictated this to me verbally and I typed it and edited a  some of the  words for written sentence structure:
“I Met Hypnotist Chris Cady after I completed a stand up comedy class. Everyone said that I was funny but I was TERRIFIED of going on stage for the first time.
Chris hypnotized me so that I would refocus my overwhelming thoughts of failure into thoughts of total confidence, SUCCESS and love.  I work in a conservative  job and my co-workers were coming to this show and I was tormented by a fear that I might "bomb" and humiliate myself in front of them.

Chris helped me "switch off" these fears. One of the things that he had me do was stand on stage and  just picture my husband siting in the audience smiling back at me and radiating love. Then feeling that love spread all over the audience. 

Then I recited my act.  I felt  confident. 

After our session I was so relaxed and filled with confidence that I could not wait to get on stage and rehearse again.  This was the first time I felt really good and confident about my first  ever attempt at writing and performing a comedy routine.  So I went back to the stage and  recited my act again but this time instead of standing with my hands in my pockets and feeling anxious. I felt  empowered.

Then  at my first, show which was the graduating night for the class.  I left  my house feeling  relaxed and confident.  I arrived  at the show early sat in the  dressing room and calmly practiced. I noticed that most of the other student comics were  nervously pacing, drinking or looking anxious, but not me.  Then just before I was called out on stage I did what Chris  told me while I was hypnotized and  all I can say was WOW!
I FELT LIKE SUPERWOMAN! All of my thoughts and words flowed perfectly and the audience laughed and laughed and laughed!  What's really  interesting is that I  don't even remember seeing an audience even being there.  It seemed like only my husband was there  n the theater smiling back at me.
( Name withheld by request)

Stage Fright / Performance Anxiety
and Making Eye Contact With The Audience:

Many entertainers  or public speakers  get significant anxiety if they make eye contact with an audience member by mistake and that person  is yawning or making a facial expression that does not reflect fun or interest  or enjoyment in whatever the entertainer is doing saying or singing at the time. 

So if  a musician , entertainer, public speaker, comedian    looks   into the audience and notices a guy looking bored with his arms  across his chest, sees someone yawning, looking down into their purse. Sipping  a drink, getting up to use the restroom,  putting  gum into their mouth,  sees someone  whispering into their  companions ear, texting or on the telephone etc. Suddenly the performers mind starts to hallucinate a million negative things  about why that person is doing this behavior  and they feel  injured in some way and  then they get "thrown off: and  lose focus.

As a result, most entertainers have all sorts of techniques  to look in the general direction of the audience, throw their eyes out of focus and avoid eye contact.
I used to do this as well ( I'd focus on the exit sign above the back door).

These days I welcome eye contact  and I show my clients how to embrace eye contact and smiles and how to reinterpret all facial expressions,  and audience behaviors so that it supports and empowers you instead of throwing you off.

In the case of a comedian, public speaker  or a singer, I show them how to use this  in your act.

STAGE FRIGHT:  Fear of the Merchandise Booth
Most musicians or artists seem to have an uncomfortable  relationship with money and selling their art. Even though they need to sell merchandise to survive they seem to feel diminished by being involved with  the sale, or any sort of pitch for the product.

A musician in a very well known  band  from the 80s  came to me with a different form of stage fright.  He said that because of the state of the music business they now relied on touring and after show merchandise sales these days in order to pay the bills. In-order to boost  after show merchandise sales,  It was expected that every band  member sit at the merchandise table and sign autographs and take photos. Only he HATED IT and was terrified of it.  He  told me that every ounce of  him was  uncomfortable and he couldn't understand  why he was so uncomfortable because these were fans and they were all happy people. He told me that he was never nervous about performing in front of thousands of people but only about going to the merchandise booth and he felt like a total loser in the booth. He  would  frequently get sick  on the way to the booth or have to  have  slam a few beers first and really talk himself into it.  

I hypnotized him and while hypnotized he told me that  he felt like being in a souvenir booth this made them look desperate and was  beneath him and also opened him up to being ridiculed or seen as less of a star.  He also said it made him feel like a minimum wage clerk in a souvenir stand.

I got him to emotionally understand that  he had to accept this and that  selling  tour merchandise is just another way to connect with  his fans and that  that not doing this meant giving up performing and getting a day job and working in a store and  sell other peoples merchandise.  This was a significant motivator for him. Then I got him to   relax and let go and FEEL being in the  merchandise booth as a pleasurable way to  get paid to hang out with  fan/friends.   While someone else  did the selling and dealt with the money. I also got him to emotionally  accept that   while in the merchandise booth he was just doing another form of performing and that he was  actually enhancing the lives of his fans because they would  remember this as a special experience. Things got better and he told me that  he feels  very relaxed and comfortable and  actually  enjoys being at the  merchandise table now and  sees it as FUN.

An accomplished very well known classical piano player who to my chagrin, I had unfortunately never heard of,  arrived in Reno a few days before his show.   He knew someone who knew me and we, “comped” him into my show.  I knew nothing about him. Its just kind of an unofficial show business policy to “comp” entertainers to shows.
What Is important to this story is that  during my comedy hypnosis show, I do a really  funny routine where I tell my hypnotized volunteers that they are world famous concert piano players who play the world's biggest widest baby grand piano.  I tell them to play piano with  poise, mastery, style, great confidence etc.”  The volunteers always  sit up straight  and then stand tall,  looking VERY confident, well poised etc, then  I have them play this imaginary piano in a variety of  funny positions.  The volunteers always play their imaginary pianos  in all these  positions  but they perform with  confidence and poise and then bow with a commanding
confidence. The routine is very well received and hilariously funny.

What Is important to this story is that  after this  show,  the REAL concert piano player and I hung out a bit and he  commented to me about how remarkably confident  the  hypnotized piano players were and how they  really  owned the stage especially when they accepted the applause and bowed.  Then he told me that he wished he could feel and look as confident when he played and bowed as they looked.   I was surprised by this. He told me that even though he knew he played beautifully and felt comfortable playing in front of an audience. He felt sheepish, and scared and that he hated walking across the stage to and from the piano and again standing up to accept  applause because he was no longer  protected by his piano.  He then told me that  he consciously and intellectually knew that  an audience at a symphony  is not going to throw anything at him or hurt him or boo. But he emotionally  felt  like they  might or that  he would feel  worried, afraid, vulnerable, like somehow that applause would not be loud enough and he would feel  bad and embarrassed. He told me  that  sitting  behind the piano was the only time that he really felt comfortable and confident and that his piano playing  made up for his  social short comings. He told me that he would love to feel  confident when he played but especially when he stood and bowed.   He wanted the confidence of a ROCK STAR but the grace of a ballet  dancer. However he felt timid and apprehensive. So that's what we worked on. Feeling INVINCIBLY CONFIDENT, poised, and feeling fueled by the audience.

I hypnotized him in my theater for  relaxing and confidence and then we went to the theater where his piano was. Under hypnosis I had him walk across the stage as if he were SUPERMAN. Then I had him take a bow as if he were a body builder. I had him stride to his piano then walk gracefully as if he were  this muscle bound superman type guy who also played piano. Then he played piano beautifully and I applauded. I had  him come out from behind his piano and stand tall and proud and confident and  imagine the applause and  FEEL the  applause and let it fuel him with confidence so that he felt  love and empowered instead of  apprehensive and fearful.   He did so and  I could see an immediate improvement in  his   posture and overall body language as  we walked all over the stage together with pride. Then through each row of the theater and the lobby standing tall as if he were a king in a parade. He stood so tall and so proud that he looked like a statue of himself as a taller proud musician.

Everything got better for him.  He played his piano again and we repeated the process.  He looked and felt  100% confident, very dominant, very proud and he actually radiated charisma and he had what I call an, “artists glow.” 

The next night was his concert. I had my own show or I would have attended so I told him to  contact me around  11pm after both of our shows.  

So  he called me and  we met up.  He looked, like  a new man. He told me that  using my techniques, the moment  he stepped on stage  he stepped into a dream.  He  felt like the music was more clear and crisp and that he played  beautifully the way that he  knew that he was capable.  He  said that every time he  received  applause that he  felt  wonderful and confident while standing  for it and receiving it and feeling the love from the audience instead of feeling  vulnerable and like standing and bowing was just something the he  HAD to do.  He said that he imagined that  the  tales of his tuxedo was a cape.   Then he said that the strangest thing happened.  He said that at the end of the performance when he stood to take his bow, he actually walked out from behind the piano and took his bow and felt so happy that instead of  just focusing his attention on the balcony banisters and avoiding eye contact with the audience he smiled and felt like he was looking directly into the eyes of each  audience member and then he felt so happy that he  spontaneously did a slight dance that  he described as a  bit of an irish jig meets a James Brown move. He said that people laughed and  really enjoyed it.  He told me that  he felt a  euphoria and internal bliss that was off the charts. 3 Days  later he called me to say that he  still felt euphoric.

Side note:  In my comedy hypnosis show I have my volunteers do  an Irish jig and  they also do a James Brown dance.  So I guess it just felt right to him.

After this  experience he told me that  his playing improved, he  continued to feel confident on stage and he also  improved his social skills because he was  more confident with himself in social situations and that he just doesn't need to hide behind the piano.

A country musician told me that he had refused to do make appearances in record stores or special events because he  felt very uncomfortable  having  has fans so up close  at an autograph table and taking pictures etc. he felt like he was going to have a panic attack.  He also did not  feel comfortable with all of the small talk.  So I hypnotized him just to relax and to feel confident and secure.   Immediately he was able to enjoy  autograph tables and meet and greets  and  record store appearances.

There are more stories and testimonials from musicians that I  have posted on the individual  page for each individual stage fright program and  other stories that I will post later here when time permits.    If you have read them  I just want you to understand that your own  issue is not so  "wild"  and unusual. So chances are that I can help you fix your  stage fright or performance anxiety issue too.

August 19 2018 Testimonial from a Female Bass Player

"Your Stage Fright For Bass Players Program Is The best thing to help me get back to a level where I can actually be proud of my performance.   I LOVE this program. It seriously improved my playing performance on and off stage. I am learning faster and able to transpose quicker and am much more relaxed when playing in front of an audience."
( Musician from Colorado,) Name and band omitted by request)

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